Turns out, NPM kinda sucks as well

So, for some project, it turns out that I’ve gotten to take a look at all of that Node.JS love.  That in itself is another story.

As it turns out, I needed some specific modules that sat on Github.  Being total newbie, I figured you could just download stuff from Github and it would work, but of course, it generally almost never works that way.  You do some “npm –install <module name>” magic and everything goes swimmingly.

Or not.  I’m at a location that has whatever port npm needs blocked at some firewall, so I need to use my own laptop and figure out how to get it to work later.

So, in my case, I try to do that, but there’s a build step in the middle of it, which fails because it requires Python.  Okay, so I go download Python, that should fix it.  No, wrong version of Python, can’t use 3.x, have to use 2.7.x.  Uninstall wrong version, install right version, that should work right.  Right?  No, I don’t have Visual Studio 2010 build tools installed on my machine.  Ok, that’s great.  But, installing Visual 2010 C++ 2010 Express is a valid option, let’s go ahead and install that, that should work, right?  No, I have a 64-bit OS, and the solution file expects 32-bit.

Sigh.  It should not be this hard.

Wait!  Out of frustration, I find someone else online who has had similar issues, and he has compiled binaries!  Fantastic!  And it comes with a test.js file, awesome!  Download, run node…..nope, throws an error.  Trace the error online, I need to build it myself.

I think I’ll go have a drink.

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# re: Turns out, NPM kinda sucks as well
Anonymous Coward
2/5/2013 12:16 PM
You could also switch to a dev platform which has a proper package manager built it, do rpm -i npm or sudo apt-get install npm, and forget about manually downloading and compiling stuff, or about manual dependency management.

And btw, you can also set that platform up so it runs several versions of Python, and wrap npm into a shell script which runs with the right version, if needed - if indeed needed, the distro maintainers would have already added that to the package management system, so you wouldn't need to worry about.

Having Windows run two versions of Python should also be possible, I think. But I'd profoundly dislike to have to make it work, and I'm not sure there wouldn't be limitations.
# re: Turns out, NPM kinda sucks as well
3/19/2013 1:36 AM
bahahaha, whatever npm has been shit for the last few months. You have to add their private repo to even get it to semi-work properly on linux.
# re: Turns out, NPM kinda sucks as well
2/17/2014 2:28 PM
@Anonymous Coward

Or you could just use a platform created by competent people, i.e. stay well away from the utter garbage known as Node.js and npm.
# re: Turns out, NPM kinda sucks as well
npm victim
1/26/2015 5:37 PM
I've learned to hate node.js because npm install is such utter garbage. Misery loves company so sort of happy to see I'm not the only one.

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