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Robert Fripp and The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists VI – Caorle, Italy, April 19th, 2013

For largely personal reasons, I have been in Italy for a few weeks, and when I was planning the trip, by luck, I happened to come across this

I’ve heard various versions/recordings/concerts/whatever of various incarnations of the crafties since they first started recording, and I’ve always thought it would be interesting to attend one of the classes/workshops/whatever someday.

Anyway, I noticed they had a performance at the end of this incarnation and inquired as to whether it would be public or not.  It wasn’t, but I was grateful when I was added to the guest list (along with the person I came to Italy to see).

As with all of the other incarnations I had heard, the performance was very much like, while also being very unlike, any of the others.  There tends to be quite a combination of beauty and dissonance (often simultaneously) and it can definitely be challenging to listen to (there was a 9 year old boy sitting in front of us who might certainly attest to that), though I was certainly quite pleased to hear the renditions of a few King Crimson songs. included in the ‘set’.  I don’t think I will hear ‘21st Schizoid Man’ the same again.

It was a wonderful experience, and I was quite glad to be present for it.

The beginning procession can be seen below (the back of my head is visible, making it probably my first and last YouTube appearance).


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Repost: Unraveling the Developer Bias in Agile Development Practices

There is a little bit of irony in reposting this, as I think the concept of “Enterprise Architect” is not only bankrupt, but almost always harmful.  In fact, I read most of Nick’s posts and think to myself something along the lines of “it’s kind of a shame to be doing something largely pointless.”

But, I tend to agree with most of what he says here, especially little things like this:

“As an agilest, I value people over processes.  That means I value the contribution of individual experts on my team to do their work with excellence, and I will show them respect for the work that they do, and the unique value that they contribute.  I will do so by allowing them to do their work without the ‘supervision and assistance’ of a developer.”


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