Asp.Net MVC Razor 4.5: Unable to start debugging on the web server

Update: check here for the resolution, the problem has to do with http vs. https, not with the razor version.

I’m putting this in as a placeholder in case I can figure out what the solution is.

I have two razor web sites, one is MVC 3, the other MVC 4.5 as sub-applications under a common route.  Normally, when you get this error, it is because of the virtual directory isn’t created properly, or there’s something funky with the application settings, or the app pool….something along those lines.

However, while the MVC3 site can be debugged just fine, the MVC 4.5 one can’t, failing from Visual Studio 2012 with this error.  The site itself actually works, and I can debug from IIS Express.

Normally, my Google-Fu can solve this sort of thing.  I’m hoping the act of posting helps trigger whatever triggers my troubleshooting superpowers to resolve it.

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