Porcupine Tree – Anesthetize (Live)

It appears, for reasons that I understand but mourn, that Porcupine Tree may never play again.  Steven Wilson’s latest solo band offers him a range of musical expression that Porcupine Tree does not satisfy

This saddens me, being a band that, in some ways, brought me back to life.  I won’t detail that.

Having said that, I am glad that at least a version of their (arguably) greatest work is now available on YouTube.  Since it is not officially released through the band, that’s always subject to change.

Gavin thrashes (as good a drummer as exists in the world), John and Steven play their hearts out, Richard lays out a space for the song, Colin grooves it out….musical tastes are inherently personal.  You like things or you don’t.  But this is Porcupine Tree doing what they do.

Water so warm that day (water so warm that day)
I counted out the waves (I counted out the waves)
As they broke into shore
I smiled into the sun
The water so warm that day
I was counting out the waves
And I followed their short life
As they broke on the shoreline
I could see you
But I couldn't hear you
You were holding your hat in the breeze
Turning away from me in this moment
You were stolen as black across the sun


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