Resolved: Unable to start debugging on the web server

In a previous post, I mentioned how, for some reason, I could not get VS 2012 to debug an ASP.NET MVC 4.5 Razor web app (or whatever you should call them).

It turned out to have nothing to do with the MVC version (which I sort of suspected from the start).

I was having difficulties getting some CSS changes to apply to the site using IIS.  I love/hate CSS in general, but definitely when it comes to the development process.  Usually, when using VS 2012, you can make a change, rebuild the site, and the change immediately updates on the site.  Every once in a while, it caches the old CSS file mysteriously, so you quit and give up trying to figure out why your CSS isn’t showing, then come back two hours later, and lo and behold, now you can see them.  I love that.

Anyhoo, I was working on some CSS items, and they just were not showing up in Firebug, so I decided to change the site to debug using IIS Express, just to see if that would show the changes.  So, I make the change and then I….wait a minute.  What the hell.  Oh.

The long and the short of it….this web app is an admin type site, which means it requires running under https (which I set on the controllers using an RequireHttps attribute) for everything but the login page, and so if you try to go to the home page, it will see you haven’t authenticated, and redirect you to the login page.  The Project Url and the Start URL within the site properties pointed to the home page (which is a dashboard type thingy), which requires running under https, but the url entered started with “http”, not “https”, so changing that fixed the problem.

I have no idea why VS 2012 gives the obscure error that it does.  But problem resolved.

Well, almost.  My CSS changes still aren’t appearing, but that’s probably just because I suck at CSS.

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