Repost: Unit testing is out, vertical slice testing is in

Nice post here.  Some money quotes:

"As a recovering TDD addict, I used to tell people, like many others do, that the issue with their TDD was that they didn’t do it right. If TDD is too hard, do more TDD! In other words, if it hurts, just bang that leg with that baseball bat a bit harder, eventually you will not hurt anymore.

I will come straight out with it: this approach to unit, integration and tdd testing has, by far and large, failed. It’s over. It is time to move on.”


“Instead of starting from the components I want to put under test, I start with what my users, hum, use.

If I provide users with an API, I will start by the API that I decide to publish, and consider everything else implementation details. I will only document and polish, a.k.a. test, what other people may use.

All the same, if my user interface is not an API, but some sort of UI, there is very little reason to care about all the scenarios a component may face that cannot be triggered from that user interface.”

Amen, brother.

Read the rest, this is good stuff.

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