Dumbass Tech Idea of the Week: The Reactive Manifesto

It actually isn’t from this week, it’s only this week that I’ve seen it.

You can find it here.  If you care to, you can read the whole thing, but its conclusion is thus:

“Reactive applications represent a balanced approach to addressing a wide range of contemporary challenges in software development. Building on an event-driven, message-based foundation, they provide the tools needed to ensure scalability and resilience. On top of this they support rich, real-time user interactions. We expect that a rapidly increasing number of systems will follow this blueprint in the years ahead.“

Well, gosh, it is hard to come out against scalability and resilience but….how is this a manifesto?  What exactly is one signing if one signs this manifesto?  Whose egos created this circle jerk of a thing?  Does calling something a manifesto make it one, and if it did, why would that be a good thing again?

Dumb shit.

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