October 2013 Blog Posts
An important life lesson for software developers

Tekpub has been acquired by Pluralsight.

But that’s not the lesson.  Read this part:

“I tried those things and some of them worked, some didn't but all in all things were going along just fine... until...

This last summer I spent a good solid month with my family, taking some time away from production and general business "stuff" - it was the longest time I've been away from work since... I don't know when. It was one of the best vacations I've ever had and my wife and kids noticed the change in me and they loved it. I wish I could bold/highlight/expand that last part to give it all the gravity in the world. I've asked a lot of my family over the last 5 years, and I forgot what it was to be "dad" and "Rob" without the constant stress of running my own business.”

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure it out.

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A message to ESPN.Com : No means no

In ESPN’s never ending quest to suck at just about everything they do, they consistently refuse to honor requests to turn autoplay OFF when you load some of their web pages.

Oh, you can switch it OFF.  For a while.  But at some point, lo and behold, autoplay is magically ON again. 

Knock it off, douchebags.

And by the way, they aren’t ‘cold hard facts’ when they aren’t, you know, FACTS.

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Maybe they shouldn’t have used backbone

From here, around line 6000:

var MasterBBView = Backbone.View.extend({
    el : $("body"),

    loginView : registrationLoginBBView,

    registrationView : registrationRegistrationBBView,

    forgotPasswordDetailsView : registrationForgotPasswordDetailsBBView,

    resetPasswordView : registrationResetPasswordBBView,

    expiredPasswordView : registrationExpiredPasswordBBView,

    registrationResultsView : registrationRegistrationResultsBBView,

    forgotUsernameDetailsView : registrationForgotUsernameDetailsBBView,

    loginTermsView : registrationLoginTermsAndConditionsBBView,

    forgotUsernameResultsView : registrationForgotUsernameResultsBBView,

    passwordChallengeView : registrationForgotPasswordChallengeQuestionBBView,

    forgotPasswordResultsView : registrationForgotPasswordResultsBBView,

    registrationModel : registrationRegistrationBBModel,
    verifyEmailAddress : registrationEIDMIntegrationVerifyEmailAddressEIDMAccountBBModel,
    securityQuestionsModel : registrationEIDMIntegrationFetchSecurityQuestionsEIDMAccountBBModel,
    userSpecSecurityQuestionsModel : registrationEIDMIntegrationFetchUserSpecSecurityQuestionsEIDMAccountBBModel,
    validationRulesModel : registrationEIDMIntegrationFetchValidationRulesEIDMAccountBBModel,

    registrationStepOneView : registrationRegistrationStepOneBBView,

    registrationStepTwoView : registrationRegistrationStepTwoBBView,

    registrationConfirmUserLoginModel : registrationEIDMIntegrationConfirmUserLoginBBModel,
    registrationStepThreeView : registrationRegistrationStepThreeBBView,
    //directEnrollmentModel : DirectEnrollmentBBModel,
    isDirectEnrollmentConsumerModel : IsDirectEnrollmentConsumerBBModel


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Well, that explains it


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