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Biggy and Massive and Humongous, Oh My!

So, Rob got bored and decided to create yet another data access thingySubsonic wasn’t enough, so then there was Massive, and now there is Biggy.  I’m sure it has even more value than appears on first blush.

Humongous is going to be the name of the next one he writes, whenever that is.  Next year, probably.

Good code to read.  Enjoy.

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Outlook 2013 Error: The messaging interfaces have returned an unknown error. Cannot resolve recipient

If you have removed an account that in some way affects your profile, you need to exit Outlook and then restart.

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All good things – Chicago Alt.NET

We started the group back when Alt.Net was an actual thing.  Derik, Sergio and I got together at some bar and shot the shit, and ended up starting the group.

I never really did much for the group, besides the occasional presentation.  Derik handled all of the mechanics of setting up meetings and whatnot, till he left for North Carolina, and then Sergio took over.

Alas, times change.  Some of the key people who helped facilitate setting up the meetings moved.  Many of the people who were part of the original ‘movement’ left to do ruby and are now in love with fucking godawful javascript frameworks, or whatnot.  And there are other groups that scratch the itches, so to speak.

But, I think that we did at least a little bit of good.  I will miss the group.

Special thanks to Sergio and Derik, for everything.

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Repost: How many hours of minimum wage work it takes to earn a beer

From Quartz:

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