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Current list of the Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence Signatories

I’d forgotten about that load of crap, but Jimmy Bogard gave it a mention in a recent post.  What a bunch of self-important jibber jabber:

The signatories of this letter are unanimous in expressing concern for the welfare of software projects undertaken in the Microsoft customer community that will make use of the forthcoming ADO .NET Entity Framework….We remain willing to collaborate with Microsoft and the ADO .NET Entity Framework team to forge a positive action plan to help the Microsoft customer community achieve success with entity architecture applications…

The list is still up, I’m not sure if you can add to it or not.  The most recent signatory is someone named ‘cheap louis vuitton’.  I’m not familiar with his work, though he may be that guy who just threw in the towel regarding OSS in .NET.

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Trying to watch a Penguins game while travelling internationally

So, I’m in Scotland and trying to watch Game 2 of the Pens opening round playoff series against the Blue Jackets.

I watched Game 1 through GameCenter Live on NHL.Com, so that should work again, right?  Nope.  It says the game is being broadcast locally.  Wait, what?  Where?  I have no idea.

So, how about NBC Sports network live streaming?  It also says that I can’t since it is being broadcast locally.  Right.

This is kind of a messed up system, if you ask me.  At least I can get the radio broadcast.

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Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen Screenshot


I’m liking a lot about the new Windows 8.1 Phone, especially the way to lay out the extra tiles on the start screen.

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Repost: Apparently, SSL is broken

This seems to be serious. 

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Repost: Microservices are not a free lunch

A lot of good information is available here.


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Dumbest in-game info graphic ever?

CBS just showed a graphic that said that UK is 4-0 in the tournament when trailing at the half.

Um, if they weren’t something and 0, THEY WOULDN’T BE IN THE FINAL. 

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