Testing your developer skills – Rewrite some code from a language you don’t know into a language you know

Here’s something that I had to do today, but which it occurs to me is something that I could try to do more often.

I needed to write some code to do X.  For whatever reason, the only sample code that I could find that did X was written in language Y, except that I don’t really know much about language Y.  I didn’t know how to run it or debug it or anything, though I was able to read it enough to see roughly what it did and how it did it, so that I could re-write it in language Z, which in my case is C#.

By doing so, I now know a little bit more about language Y.  I don’t care about language Y, so it isn’t that much of a gain, but it was a slightly taxing test of abilities.

posted on Saturday, July 05, 2014 10:42 PM Print
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