Windows 10 Technical Preview: The Desktop Window Manager has encountered a fatal error (0x8898008d) – Workaround for my Surface Pro 3

In a previous post, I mentioned one issue that I am running into an issue where my desktop session disappears on my Surface Pro 3, so all open apps/docs/whatever go bye-bye.  This is obviously inconvenient (I would point out that this first preview is supposedly geared towards desktop machines, and so specifically not tablet/laptops like the Surface Pro 3, but that goes without saying, so I won’t mention it).

After some research (more than a minute, less than 20), it seems to be related to sleep.  When the machine goes to sleep, it (almost?) always loses the session.  So, by turning off sleep, it works around the problem.

Except when you need to transport the thing.  You close the Type Cover, it goes to sleep.  Well, let’s just hibernate the thi…… Oh, where’s the hibernate option on the power button?  It isn’t there by default (at least not on mine), because they want the magic “come to life instantly” behavior (or something).  Since I’d rather not lose the desktop session, I can go ahead and do without the magic for the moment.

You can enable hibernate by following the instructions here.  Note that it isn’t clear whether InstantGo still works (in the 3 minutes I’ve spent working on it, my guess is no).


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