Issues with Windows Technical Preview Build 9860

Note that these are on my machine, which is a Surface Pro 3.  In other words, YMMV.

I see two major issues.

1) My WI-FI connection on my home network is now limited and cannot access the internet (I am writing this using my Clear USB device).  WI-FI has always been squirrely on the Surface Pro 3, but at least it was always able to connect.

2) Visual Studio 2014 CTP can no longer open any solutions properly, throwing errors on Rosyln packages and other things.  Then, when I try to close Visual Studio itself, it says that an array of that object type cannot be null  Going into my AppData folder and clearing out the component cache resolved this issue.

I’m installing the build on another machine to see if it has also broken the WI-FI connection, to see if it is more a Surface Pro 3 thing or WTP thing.


Update: it appears the wireless issue is Surface Pro 3 only, or at least, it is not having the same issue on a Dell XPS machine.

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