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If you are going to have an endless page….

You know, one of those ‘fancy’ pages where you continually load stuff at the bottom of the page….

Think about whether a user who comes to your site might expect/hope that you will have a footer with links of a standard sort.

Because if they do, and you don’t, it’s highly annoying.

Thank you.

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Hyper-V doesn’t block installing Windows Technical Preview 9879 on Surface Pro 3

Since WTP has the nice ‘feature’ of auto-installing updates, now that 9879 is on the slow band of updates, every day or two, it attempts to update from 9860, which closes whatever I am working on, and then fails.  Super.

So, on the off-chance that it was Hyper-V that was causing the issue, I uninstalled it and tried the update myself.  No luck.

Still with an obscure error message:

Failed execution of queue item Installer: ServiceModelReg Installer ({79675b3f-2054-4efd-aa9d-e1830916be47}) with HRESULT HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(52).  Failure will not be ignored: A rollback will be initiated after all the operations in the installer queue are completed

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About those new Windows Technical Preview 9879 iso files




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Still can’t run WTP 9879 on Surface Pro 3

As part of the Windows Technical Preview program, you don’t have total control over whether or not Windows will try to update to any newly released builds if and when they become available.  I thought I had switched to the ‘slow’ build mode, but apparently not, as every couple of days, it tries to update from 9860 to 9879 and fails.

I have read online that other people have been able to, so I’m not sure why my Surface can’t.  My guess, based on random things I’ve read, is that it is because of Hyper-V, which I don’t want to uninstall (even though I’m not really using it at the moment) because it will likely break Visual Studio 2015 Preview (some of the new Android development software relies on it).  I have some vaguely confirming evidence of this because I was able to load 9879 on my MacBook Air after starting from scratch and loading VS 2015 P after 9879.

Supposedly, they are ‘fixing’ 9879 before releasing it to ‘Slow’ build mode because of other issues with the OS, but if it requires you to install it and then do the fixes, I don’t know that there’s much I can do unless/until the next build in January.

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Nuget still sucks – Visual Studio 2015 Preview version

Why doesn’t Nuget just work?

I have a solution.  It’s mostly ‘shell’ projects as I’m just starting out.  About the only package installed is EF 6.1.1.  It builds just fine (on an existing machine with VS 2015 Preview installed).

I check it into TFS.  I go to a new machine, with VS 2015 Preview installed.  I connect to TFS, I download from source, I go to build…..of course, it fails.

I check in options to see if it is configured to automatically download packages.  Of course it is.

I right-click on the solution….no longer is there an option to tell it to enable Nuget restore (since Nuget is so stupid, you have to tell it twice) and I see no such option in the new, nearly useless, window to manage packages, where it says, of course, that EF is already installed. 

I do not want to click on anything to manually reinstall EF.  I want it to do what it should know to do, see that a configured package is not actually downloaded on this machine, and download the damn things, and build the solution out of the goddamn box they way it goddamn should.

Why doesn’t Nuget just work?

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Does Windows Technical Preview 10 block Surface Pro 3 Firmware updates?

I haven’t read that it does, but I never received notification through Windows Update that the October update was available, and now that the November update is available, I don’t see that one either.

I check here for the whole kit and caboodle and install them manually, but still….

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An old school way of writing application code

In this case, ‘old school’ means ‘generally bad’.

Now, in certain circles, one can’t swing a dead cat and not hit someone who thinks that stored procedures are evil.  Yawn, yawn, yawn.  No, they aren’t, get over it (having said that, you should rarely use them, as there is almost always a better way of doing things).

That being said, if you are going to write stored procedures, you almost definitely shouldn’t do them this way.  The mixing of insert/query/update code, the ’magic number’ error codes, the convoluted parameter checking, and this isn’t even an example that actually has any meaningful business logic (not at least as I define the term) whatsoever.

Don’t do this, please.

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Adobe Brackets

This is…..intriguing.

Ostensibly, this is a code editor for web development, but (somewhat by accident) I managed to open up a SQL file, C# file and text file in it, and there is some syntax highlighting, etc. that comes along.

Not that I think it will replace Notepad or anything, but it’s interesting.

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Rerunning Visual Studio 2015 Preview Secondary Installer

Did you have a problem running the Secondary Installer when installing Visual Studio 2015?  I did (something went wrong with the node.js download and install).  So, how do you rerun the thing?  Run the secondaryInstaller.msi from the ISO?  Nope.

Instead, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\SecondaryInstaller and run SecondaryInstaller.exe from there.  I assume it will be in regular Program Files if you have an x86 machine, but since I don’t, I can’t verify that, it’s just a guess.


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How Chocolatey saved Windows

Apparently, automation and package management saved Windows from going out of business.  Um…..what?

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The type exists in both temporary assemblies

So, after spending 6 or 9 hours on this….

Kept building a solution that contained multiple web sites, both using T4MVC (this is totally tangential, the problem wasn’t its fault), and I kept getting ambiguous reference errors regarding the MVC class that it auto-generates, and it would reference temporary assemblies within Temporary ASP.NET files, etc.

Would make changes, clean, rebuild……no resolution.

Finally, I looked at the bin directory of the one web site.  WTF.  Why is there a DLL for the other web site in there?

When you clean a solution, it won’t delete dlls it knows nothing about, so that DLL would sit there, get deployed along with the one web site, and since it was old, it had the same class defined, confusing everything and everyone.

One manual deletion of the file later, there we go.  Happy compile.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879 Installation Failure

Well, I’m 0 for 2 on this one.

New preview build is out, and I’ve tried to install it twice and it has failed both times.  It runs through the entire process, including one reboot, and then it fails, popping up a dialog box that reminds me of Windows 3.1 or something, saying one or more components couldn’t be installed.  It then reverts back to 9860 (and thanks for that actually, the reversion seems to work just fine).

I’ve tried it on a fairly ‘limited’ universe, my Surface Pro 3 and on a MacBook Air.  I’m going to try on my Dell Dimension next.

I’m not sure where it might log the error, can’t say that I’ve looked.  At all.  Once I get past the more immediately important Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and Visual Studio 2015 Preview installs, I might look for it.

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Microsoft Surface Chat Support: Generally Sucky

On October 28th, there was a firmware update for the Surface Pro 3.  Microsoft ‘staggers’ these updates (I don’t know why) through Windows Update.  It’s been a week, I haven’t gotten it yet.

I have downloaded the latest firmware download, which contains all of the drivers and whatnot, but it doesn’t have an install program itself, and I don’t know exactly how it updates the firmware, and, generally speaking, I just don’t want to f%^k with it unless I need to (I could manually update each driver that is listed but I’m old and tired and would prefer not to).

So, I was searching online and discovered that there are support agents on some Microsoft page dedicated to Surface support, so I figured, what the hell, the worst that can happen is that they aren’t any good.

Well, they aren’t any good.  I explained to Bob (I think….I was not expecting someone named Bob) that I was waiting for the October 28th firmware update but that it hadn’t shown up.  There were no Windows Update errors, other updates were installing just fine, the firmware just didn’t show up.

Can we all guess what happened?  Requests for reboot, asking what errors were appearing on Windows Update, some totally unnecessary banter asking how I was doing, etc. etc. etc.  Then, a link that I could use to help us out, which sent me to a general troubleshooting page about Windows Update which had nothing to do with the problem I’m facing.  And which loaded in the chat session browser window, which killed the chat session, thus unfortunately ending my fascinating time with Bob.

And still, no update.  Swell.

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