Microsoft Surface Chat Support: Generally Sucky

On October 28th, there was a firmware update for the Surface Pro 3.  Microsoft ‘staggers’ these updates (I don’t know why) through Windows Update.  It’s been a week, I haven’t gotten it yet.

I have downloaded the latest firmware download, which contains all of the drivers and whatnot, but it doesn’t have an install program itself, and I don’t know exactly how it updates the firmware, and, generally speaking, I just don’t want to f%^k with it unless I need to (I could manually update each driver that is listed but I’m old and tired and would prefer not to).

So, I was searching online and discovered that there are support agents on some Microsoft page dedicated to Surface support, so I figured, what the hell, the worst that can happen is that they aren’t any good.

Well, they aren’t any good.  I explained to Bob (I think….I was not expecting someone named Bob) that I was waiting for the October 28th firmware update but that it hadn’t shown up.  There were no Windows Update errors, other updates were installing just fine, the firmware just didn’t show up.

Can we all guess what happened?  Requests for reboot, asking what errors were appearing on Windows Update, some totally unnecessary banter asking how I was doing, etc. etc. etc.  Then, a link that I could use to help us out, which sent me to a general troubleshooting page about Windows Update which had nothing to do with the problem I’m facing.  And which loaded in the chat session browser window, which killed the chat session, thus unfortunately ending my fascinating time with Bob.

And still, no update.  Swell.

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