The type exists in both temporary assemblies

So, after spending 6 or 9 hours on this….

Kept building a solution that contained multiple web sites, both using T4MVC (this is totally tangential, the problem wasn’t its fault), and I kept getting ambiguous reference errors regarding the MVC class that it auto-generates, and it would reference temporary assemblies within Temporary ASP.NET files, etc.

Would make changes, clean, rebuild……no resolution.

Finally, I looked at the bin directory of the one web site.  WTF.  Why is there a DLL for the other web site in there?

When you clean a solution, it won’t delete dlls it knows nothing about, so that DLL would sit there, get deployed along with the one web site, and since it was old, it had the same class defined, confusing everything and everyone.

One manual deletion of the file later, there we go.  Happy compile.

posted on Thursday, November 13, 2014 12:21 PM Print
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