Nuget still sucks – Visual Studio 2015 Preview version

Why doesn’t Nuget just work?

I have a solution.  It’s mostly ‘shell’ projects as I’m just starting out.  About the only package installed is EF 6.1.1.  It builds just fine (on an existing machine with VS 2015 Preview installed).

I check it into TFS.  I go to a new machine, with VS 2015 Preview installed.  I connect to TFS, I download from source, I go to build…..of course, it fails.

I check in options to see if it is configured to automatically download packages.  Of course it is.

I right-click on the solution….no longer is there an option to tell it to enable Nuget restore (since Nuget is so stupid, you have to tell it twice) and I see no such option in the new, nearly useless, window to manage packages, where it says, of course, that EF is already installed. 

I do not want to click on anything to manually reinstall EF.  I want it to do what it should know to do, see that a configured package is not actually downloaded on this machine, and download the damn things, and build the solution out of the goddamn box they way it goddamn should.

Why doesn’t Nuget just work?

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# re: Nuget still sucks – Visual Studio 2015 Preview version
11/21/2014 2:45 PM
I feel for you, but I do appreciate these rants about NuGet, particularly the one titled 'I still hate NuGet'.
# re: Nuget still sucks – Visual Studio 2015 Preview version
7/7/2015 6:39 AM
I worked with NuGet in a team, and I can only say one thing: Fuck it. Stick back to another home-made solution. It's a mess, a burden for teams.
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8/26/2015 7:49 PM
Visual Studio 2015 changed how restore packages works. Their is no option to turn it on because it's automatic now but you need to make sure you don't have old 2013 elements from nuget in your Project File.

There is a doc on nuget for migrating to automatic package restore.

Secondly, you need to make sure your package.config is part of your commit to TFS, otherwise it won't know what packages are installed in the project when you download the source and build.

Finally As part of the new package restore, go to tools -> options -> nuget package manager

Then make sure Allow nuget to download missing packages, and Automatically check for missing packages during build

are checked.

# re: Nuget still sucks – Visual Studio 2015 Preview version
Christopher Zahrobsky
8/28/2015 11:39 AM
The part I hated about NuGet was the "Automatically Upgrade" feature. Upgrade, you ask? Yes, please give me that new untested version of someone's fun evolving framework DLL that will break everyone else's references, including the build server! You all have web access enabled on you build servers, right? (We don't need no stinkin' firewalls!) Otherwise, there goes the build. It's what I like to call a WOMM BOMB (WYP) DUD... "Works on my machine / Builds on most boxes (What's YOUR problem?) / Doesn't ultimately deploy!" We often make fun of those developers who are constantly breaking the build. Now we have NuGet to thank.

My current project is moving to a NuGet package management implementation. We're still in VS 2013, because, you know, can't be to careful when adopting the latest Enterprise Technology, right? I hope we can configure NuGet to restrict version upgrades.

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