Still can’t run WTP 9879 on Surface Pro 3

As part of the Windows Technical Preview program, you don’t have total control over whether or not Windows will try to update to any newly released builds if and when they become available.  I thought I had switched to the ‘slow’ build mode, but apparently not, as every couple of days, it tries to update from 9860 to 9879 and fails.

I have read online that other people have been able to, so I’m not sure why my Surface can’t.  My guess, based on random things I’ve read, is that it is because of Hyper-V, which I don’t want to uninstall (even though I’m not really using it at the moment) because it will likely break Visual Studio 2015 Preview (some of the new Android development software relies on it).  I have some vaguely confirming evidence of this because I was able to load 9879 on my MacBook Air after starting from scratch and loading VS 2015 P after 9879.

Supposedly, they are ‘fixing’ 9879 before releasing it to ‘Slow’ build mode because of other issues with the OS, but if it requires you to install it and then do the fixes, I don’t know that there’s much I can do unless/until the next build in January.

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