The OneDrive version dance

Suppose your machine reboots before you have a chance to close out all of your documents (this happens quite often when you are on a Surface Pro 3 that refuses to successfully install the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview, but I digress).  Suppose some of these are Excel documents.

When you restart Excel and try to open one of those documents, you may get the message ‘someone has updated the server version, do you want to keep your local version or the server version’, what would you choose?   This is a document that is only updated on a single machine.

You’d always choose the local version, right?  Wouldn’t it always have your latest changes?

You’d think so, but somehow, this isn’t always the case.  For the life of me, I can’t think of how this could be so (how could changes be in the cloud but not locally?  A temp version is what is being worked on locally, and you update to the cloud, but it doesn’t sync locally?), but sometimes, it is.

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