February 2015 Blog Posts
Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 Nuget Problems

More reasons to love the piece’o’shit that is nuget….

In previous versions of VS 2015 CTP, the ‘manage packages’ section was horribly designed so that it automatically selected every single project if you wanted to add a package, and you had to manually deselect ones you didn’t want to add it to.  They fixed that.

Unfortunately, when adding EF 6 packages, I discovered that now they no longer add all of the config entries required, so you have to finish it manually.  That’s bad enough.

But now, today, when I try to go to that section to add EF 6, Visual Studio crashes.  Makes it somewhat unusable.

Fantastic.  Maybe a reboot will fix it.

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Microsoft and Versioning

From Scott Guthrie’s introduction:

ASP.NET 5 is an open source web framework for building modern web applications that can be developed and run on Windows, Linux and the Mac. It includes the MVC 6 framework, which now combines the features of MVC and Web API into a single web programming framework.  ASP.NET 5 will also be the basis for SignalR 3

Well, that won’t be confusing in any way, shape or form.

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SQL Server Import Wizard still can’t handle basic text files?

Way back before there was indoor plumbing, there was this thing called DTS.  It was used to process data in SQL Server, a typical use case involved getting data from text files and loading them into tables.

It sucked.  A lot.  You could program them graphically and/or in Visual Basic, but they were a bitch to write and maintain (somewhere on this blog there’s an entry of how to export them using Microsoft Word, which was necessary if you wanted to edit them in bulk since they had connection strings and whatnot embedded in them).  Migrating from one server to another when you had hundreds of them was a……non-trivial task.

So, when word came of this new thing called SSIS, which was a complete rewrite that would replace DTS, there was a spark of joy in the hearts of men.  Only, as happens on occasion, to be snuffed out when it came out, as it was, in certain respects, significantly worse.  Prettier, but significantly worse.

Apparently, it still can’t handle a basic use case.  Take a csv file and import it into a new table, defined off of the data in the file.  For anything but the most trivial of files, it still will give you ‘data would be truncated’ errors if you just try to do it.  Even if the number of rows to be loaded is less than the default 200 rows that it supposedly uses to determine types, it still can’t figure out what to do.  It’s just miserable.

I haven’t tried it on SQL Server 2014.  Maybe after 10 years, they’ve gotten it right.  Right.

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jdan - The artist formerly known as ‘jdn’

Not that anyone cares, but in case anyone thinks that I suddenly am making a lot of typos.

I am taking my wife’s maiden name as a middle name, and so am now rebranding as ‘jdan’.

Always remember to get married in Chicago in February, destination wedding to be sure.



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Duplicate registrations in SimpleInjector 2.7.1

No doubt there is a mailing list or something for this (mailing list….how old am I again?), but…..

I had a reference application that worked swimmingly, and so built a new app for production based on it, and found that for each event that was registered to respond to a command, two would be produced at runtime.  I spent a lot of time looking at the differences between the two and noticed that the reference app was built using 2.6.1 whilst the new app was built using 2.7.1.

And problem solved.

I don’t know why this is.  It might not be a bug, but simply a change in how it works that I’m unaware of. 

Note to self….

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Code Expressiveness: How much is too much?


var count = GetCount(date);


var count = GetCountOfDividendsForOmnibusAccountsAfterStockHoldingAdjustmentBasedOnRecDateTradingOnTradeDate(date);

You can add underscores if you like.

Is this better?

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