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Agile Maturity: Getting beyond Legos and Games

Call me crazy, but I have a dream that one day people can learn about Agile without needing to regress to their childhood.

I mean, no doubt it can work, but seriously, we can do better.

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Acronyms FTW!


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Are Postgres Foreign Data Wrappers any different from SQL Server Linked Servers?

Reading these things, I’m trying to see what the differences are.

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Repost: Worse is better, for better or worse


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Opera Browser’s Best Feature

By far the best feature of Opera is this:


What this means is that you can prevent Flash from executing unless you absolutely need it.


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Office 2016 Technical Preview Issues

So, there have been two different releases of Office 2016 for Alpha/Beta/whatever testing, and I’m unable to successfully run the software, for what I think are account issues.

What I mean is this:  I have a business office 365 subscription, and then I have my MSDN Office subscription, and trying to ‘song and dance’ these is a problem.

When I tried to install the previous consumer Office 2016 consumer testing versions, it objected because my normal Hotmail account, which I use on a daily basis for most purposes, isn’t connected to Office 365 (since it is MSDN and so uses a key), so it basically said I was unauthorized.

When I tried to install the newly releases Developer preview (which is tied to Business Office 365), it essentially isn’t letting me switch accounts from my Hotmail account to my business account (which I’m not sure I want to do anyway, as it would mess up OneNote).

Luckily, you can downgrade back to Office 2013 fairly easily (just uninstall Office from Programs and Features and then when you relaunch 2013, it will ask for your key and reactivate, but that’s it).

So, I guess I have to wait for an MSDN version of Office 2016 to test.  Oh, well.

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Microsoft pledges to pick up the windows 10 update pace, doesn’t release new build

All-righty then.

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Repost: Self-maintaining, Contiguous Effective Dates in Temporal Tables

This is rather cool.

Yes, I know, it will make some twitch like Inspector Dreyfus, and I can hear some of you say “For the love of God and all that is Holy, it uses triggers!  STONE HIM!!!!!!”

But, cool it is, none the less.


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I dream of the day when this goes away


When you run dozens of browser windows, each with possibly dozens of tabs, when things slow to a crawl, it’s probably Flash that’s the problem.


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Deleting comments is dumb

So, the other day, I saw this in my RSS feed (“Daddy, what’s an RSS feed?  Do you play CDs with that?”).  As it happens, I was looking for something quick to do this sort of thing, so it happened along at a good point.

For some reason, a broken URL version appeared again in my feed today.  Not sure what was up with that, so went back to the post to make sure it was the same.

It was, except it looked different.  Hmm….oh.  There had been some comments, but they were gone, and comments were closed, thusly:


But, clearly, there were comments.  You can see that in the ‘recent comments’:


Hmm, wonder what dotnetchris had to say.  Probably something I would disagree with, but whatever.

Now, the comments, as I recall, weren’t of a lot of value.  Matt was questioning why anyone would do such a thing instead of just use MSpec, or something.

Anyway, it’s just dumb to delete comments if you have a comment section (you can moderate them of course).  I mean, channel your inner Rob Conery all you want, but it just makes you look silly.


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Strange AutoMapper 3.3.1 Problem

Add AutoMapper from Nuget, build, compiles, fine, run…..exception.  Automapper.dll file cannot be found.  Sure enough, it ain’t there.  Automapper.Net4.dll is there, but not the other.

Manually copy over file to bin directory, rebuild, no problem.

Not sure what causes this, but it’s obviously a problem, especially with all the different build configurations I have.


Update: once I uninstalled and reinstalled at the project level (as opposed to solution level), the problem resolved itself.

God, I hate Nuget.

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Flexible Architecture, done entirely wrong

Having worked on a similar system at a ‘too big to fail’ financial client, I know exactly what Ayende is talking about:

Then the designers sat down and created the following system of classes:

public class Table
	public Guid TableId {get;set;}
	public List<FieldInformation> Fields {get;set;}
	public List<Reference> References {get;set;}
	public List<Constraint> Constraints {get;set;}
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