Office 2016 Technical Preview Issues

So, there have been two different releases of Office 2016 for Alpha/Beta/whatever testing, and I’m unable to successfully run the software, for what I think are account issues.

What I mean is this:  I have a business office 365 subscription, and then I have my MSDN Office subscription, and trying to ‘song and dance’ these is a problem.

When I tried to install the previous consumer Office 2016 consumer testing versions, it objected because my normal Hotmail account, which I use on a daily basis for most purposes, isn’t connected to Office 365 (since it is MSDN and so uses a key), so it basically said I was unauthorized.

When I tried to install the newly releases Developer preview (which is tied to Business Office 365), it essentially isn’t letting me switch accounts from my Hotmail account to my business account (which I’m not sure I want to do anyway, as it would mess up OneNote).

Luckily, you can downgrade back to Office 2013 fairly easily (just uninstall Office from Programs and Features and then when you relaunch 2013, it will ask for your key and reactivate, but that’s it).

So, I guess I have to wait for an MSDN version of Office 2016 to test.  Oh, well.

posted on Monday, March 16, 2015 11:30 AM Print
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