Windows 10 Phone 10136 on a Lumia 1520 slightly less of a train wreck than 10080

But Lordy, it ain’t good.

Improving over the previous build, you can at least use it.  The start screen will appear and stay ‘appeared’, so it is functional.

But there is a tremendous lack of functionality, or broken functionality, or semi-randomly working functionality.

In no particular order:

  • There is a lag of 1-2 seconds between when you tap on a tile and when it then ‘flips’ with a particularly useless animation that indicates the app is launching.
  • If you are lucky, it will launch.  Sometimes, you need to tap, watch it flip, come back to the start screen after the app crashes (either visibly or silently), tap it again, watch it flip, and then be able to use the app.
  • Sometimes, you will have to reboot it.
  • When tapping on a link in email, sometimes it will launch Spartan.  And sometimes, it will then load the page in question.  Other times, you need to copy the URL to something like Opera or UC Browser to view it.
  • When an email is listed in the notification screen and you tap it, sometimes it will open Outlook to the message.  Sometimes, it will crash and go back to the start screen.
  • Sometimes, you can update an app.  Othertimes, you have to let the update fail, then uninstall the app, then try the update again, and then it will work.
  • Sometimes, it will tell you to close the app to update, even though it isn’t open, so you have to reboot.
  • You will lose many, if not most, of the content on MSN (or Bing or Microsoft or whatever the fuck the branding is this week) tiles, largely limiting the most basic important functionality of the start screen.

Those are just the ‘highlights.’

This thing has a loooooonnnnggggg way to go.

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