Microsoft broke Outlook 2016 POP access setting?

It’s hard to figure out what happened here, running various combinations of Office 2016 preview, Windows 10 Preview, and Windows 10 Mobile, but I’ve run into an issue with Outlook and I don’t know what the problem is exactly.

I have a POP email account, been using it for 15 years.  I leave messages on the server for 7-14 days, as I access it from many different places.  Suddenly, over the weekend, after various updates of all of the above, it no longer functions as it should.  It will download the messages no matter what the ‘after X days’ setting is at.  At first, I thought someone had hacked the account or something. 

As a workaround, I unchecked it, and just leave messages on the server (I can then manually manage from there if I need to).  Except Outlook now sees random messages as being ‘new’ even though they’ve already been downloaded, so I can end up with 2-6 copies of the same emails repeatedly.


The ‘remove from server after’ should be checked, but then it pulls all of them and so I can’t access from multiple devices, etc.

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# re: Microsoft broke Outlook 2016 POP access setting?
2/21/2016 8:55 PM
I'm having the exact problem with a new Windows 10 machine and Office 2016. If I mark the number of days option and put any value, Outlook deletes the e-mail off my server immediately (not after a set number of days). Please e-mail me if you ever found a solution to this problem.

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