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Useful programming phrases

Co-worker: Man, that’s some half-assed code in there.

Me: Okay, should we ‘full-ass’ it or ‘un-ass’ it?

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Web site debugging problems? Try running it outside the debugger at least once

I’ve been looking at this, because I’m looking into how to create a site that uses OData with CQRS (not to mention some Windows Universal Apps that use tasks to call OData services….”Over-architectured solution?  You’re soaking in it!”) and have been having a hell of a time debugging it (I know it uses WebAPI, but same difference).

I was cursing Angular, because the fun thing with javascript is you have to remember to F12 and look at response/request bodies and headers and it has all these strings and it kept giving me 500 errors because of ‘ambiguous matches’ on checking in and out inventory, then cursing the fact that I’d make markup changes that wouldn’t reflect when I viewed the site.  I’d switch between full IIS and IIS Express and get different behavior, etc.

Then, I thought about just running it in IIS.  Works perfectly.

So, that doesn’t explain at all why all the issues when running it under a debugger (I’m using VS 2015), but at least it is a sanity check to know the code is running fine.

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Upgrading a Windows 10 Universal App from Preview SDK to Release? Maybe not so bad.

Despite what I saw and wrote about here, it doesn’t appear to be all that bad.

Did have to open the project file and change the build number, but I’ve done that before.  Then I just copied over the project.json and project.lock.json files, and everything was fine.

Still not seamless, but that’s not quite so bad.

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Upgrading a Windows 10 Universal App from Preview SDK to Release? Holy crap

I’m in the need of doing this, as I’m not a very good developer so I need source code I can review/steal, and I’ve been using some sample apps from Microsoft.

Ran into an issue looking at an old sample, where it couldn’t compile, since it couldn’t even find the ‘System’ reference.  Eek.

Anyway, tracked down apparently what is needed.

Holy crap.  That looks like a lot of work.

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NuGet is the drag and drop of dependency management, or Yet another way that NuGet sucks: Air travel and other disconnected scenarios

Whenever you don’t have the actual code that you need at all times, relying on having to get it through some crappy think like NuGet, you are kind of out of luck if you happen to be unable to connect to it.

Flying out from Chicago, I was working with a set of sample apps from Microsoft off of CodePlex or GitHub or whatever, some of which I had already worked on, some of which I had not.  As often happens with sample apps, the code was not always the most up to date.  As really often happens when you have a solution that you download from some source like CodePlex which relies on NuGet packages, all of your NuGet references are broken until you can rebuild and/or manage NuGet packages for the solution, where you can usually (but not always….sometimes you have to remove and re-add them, because NuGet sucks) resolve everything.

Unless, of course, you are at 35k feet, in which case, you are basically out of luck (unless you want to do one hell of a lot of temporary hacking).

On the flight back, I made sure to a whole bunch of work ahead of the flight to get around this issue, so as to get a bunch of work done.  ‘Unfortunately’, I was very efficient, and so got to a point where I wanted to create a new OData service (I need to post a couple of things about that, so I actually meet my quota of posting something useful once every 6 months) along the lines of the service I was finally able to get to work pretty much exactly how I wanted.

Oh, that’s right.  I’m in mid-air, so, too bad.

People, if you love people, put your dependencies in a lib folder.  I’m not actually sure how possible that is these days, given how many things are only available through NuGet.  The best way to do it would be to create a ‘lib’ project, add every package that every other project in your solution needed, download them all, the grab the dlls from particular sub-folders of the packages folder, put in a useable place, etc.

NuGet is the drag and drop of dependency management.

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Things no one needed – IOT Design Manifesto

For those of you who believe in useless manifestos (we aim for the “win-win-win”?  Did you mean the “dumb-dumb-dumb”?), here you go, sign away.

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Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 on a Lumia 1520: Still not right

I’ve been using Windows 10 ever since it first became available (so sometime in 2014), even on my main development machine, and without any significant issues along the way.

Which makes it all the more surprising that Windows 10 Mobile is such a freakin’ trainwreck.

Ever hopeful that the build quality will get better, not worse, I have installed the latest build on my Lumia 1520, and it still can’t display the start screen properly.  In the previous build, you could get it to show up.  It might disappear from time to time, but generally, you could get it.  So far, I’ve yet to see it with this build, and the workaround to getting apps to run (launch Cortana and search for an app by name, launch from there) does not consistently work either.

And looky here, in the ‘known issues’ list:

Some phones with a large number of tiles pinned to the Start screen may get stuck in a state where the device shows “Loading…”; the device will need to be reset or rolled back to Windows Phone 8.1

What do they consider a large number of tiles?  4?

And, in the 20 minutes I’ve used it, it still doesn’t handle music right.


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Have I mentioned before how much I hate Nuget?

Rebuilding my replacement Surface Pro 3 (let’s just say the advanced exchange program is awesome, and that I’m lucky it died with only weeks left on the warranty).

I have an ASP.NET MVC app.  Originally written in MVC 3, upgraded at various times to 4 and then 5.  Stored in Visual Studio Online, set up on many machines, many times.  Manual issues (relating to having to run the MVC 3 and 4 installers, now that I’m on Visual Studio 2015 and the fact that it is, well, 2015, etc.), but always works pretty much straightforward.

Clean solution, build solution, run app, no prob…..hmmm.  System.Web.Mvc missing, dll is 5.1.2.  Wait, why did it build successfully, if the dll is missing?

Never mind, I’ll just have NuGet automatically download and….wait.  It is already set up to download missing NuGet packages.  At least I thought it was.  Yep, set in options.  Let’s Google this.

Well.  It says that since the packages are on the file system, it doesn’t think they are missing.  How to force it……this article says run a command line with nuget.exe….path not set.  Bleh.

Okay, let’s delete the packages, that should work.  Yep, now when I go to manage Nuget solutions, it says some are missing, please restore.  This should happen automatically, but ok.  Perfect, now, let’s build and rer…..still missing?  Okay, it downloaded the package and then….I don’t know what it did, but clearly didn’t re-reference.

Okay, let’s uninstall and reinstall it.  That sucks, but that should work to do….huh?  Fails to reinstall?  Oh, the package is in TFS, which isn’t checked out, so it fails to reinstall it.  Wait, what the hell.  It’s Visual Studio, running as me, doesn’t it know to check it out?  So, delete from TFS.  Now, reinstall.

That works.  Gosh, that’s a bleeping fantastic process, I’m so glad we get to use such a wonderful tool.

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This is the year of Linux on the desktop….

Ok, maybe not.

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Does anyone know how to create an OData client for Visual Studio 2015?

Seriously, most of the things out there refer to an Odata client package thing that doesn’t work with Visual Studio 2015.

Seems a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

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