Have I mentioned before how much I hate Nuget?

Rebuilding my replacement Surface Pro 3 (let’s just say the advanced exchange program is awesome, and that I’m lucky it died with only weeks left on the warranty).

I have an ASP.NET MVC app.  Originally written in MVC 3, upgraded at various times to 4 and then 5.  Stored in Visual Studio Online, set up on many machines, many times.  Manual issues (relating to having to run the MVC 3 and 4 installers, now that I’m on Visual Studio 2015 and the fact that it is, well, 2015, etc.), but always works pretty much straightforward.

Clean solution, build solution, run app, no prob…..hmmm.  System.Web.Mvc missing, dll is 5.1.2.  Wait, why did it build successfully, if the dll is missing?

Never mind, I’ll just have NuGet automatically download and….wait.  It is already set up to download missing NuGet packages.  At least I thought it was.  Yep, set in options.  Let’s Google this.

Well.  It says that since the packages are on the file system, it doesn’t think they are missing.  How to force it……this article says run a command line with nuget.exe….path not set.  Bleh.

Okay, let’s delete the packages, that should work.  Yep, now when I go to manage Nuget solutions, it says some are missing, please restore.  This should happen automatically, but ok.  Perfect, now, let’s build and rer…..still missing?  Okay, it downloaded the package and then….I don’t know what it did, but clearly didn’t re-reference.

Okay, let’s uninstall and reinstall it.  That sucks, but that should work to do….huh?  Fails to reinstall?  Oh, the package is in TFS, which isn’t checked out, so it fails to reinstall it.  Wait, what the hell.  It’s Visual Studio, running as me, doesn’t it know to check it out?  So, delete from TFS.  Now, reinstall.

That works.  Gosh, that’s a bleeping fantastic process, I’m so glad we get to use such a wonderful tool.

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