NuGet is the drag and drop of dependency management, or Yet another way that NuGet sucks: Air travel and other disconnected scenarios

Whenever you don’t have the actual code that you need at all times, relying on having to get it through some crappy think like NuGet, you are kind of out of luck if you happen to be unable to connect to it.

Flying out from Chicago, I was working with a set of sample apps from Microsoft off of CodePlex or GitHub or whatever, some of which I had already worked on, some of which I had not.  As often happens with sample apps, the code was not always the most up to date.  As really often happens when you have a solution that you download from some source like CodePlex which relies on NuGet packages, all of your NuGet references are broken until you can rebuild and/or manage NuGet packages for the solution, where you can usually (but not always….sometimes you have to remove and re-add them, because NuGet sucks) resolve everything.

Unless, of course, you are at 35k feet, in which case, you are basically out of luck (unless you want to do one hell of a lot of temporary hacking).

On the flight back, I made sure to a whole bunch of work ahead of the flight to get around this issue, so as to get a bunch of work done.  ‘Unfortunately’, I was very efficient, and so got to a point where I wanted to create a new OData service (I need to post a couple of things about that, so I actually meet my quota of posting something useful once every 6 months) along the lines of the service I was finally able to get to work pretty much exactly how I wanted.

Oh, that’s right.  I’m in mid-air, so, too bad.

People, if you love people, put your dependencies in a lib folder.  I’m not actually sure how possible that is these days, given how many things are only available through NuGet.  The best way to do it would be to create a ‘lib’ project, add every package that every other project in your solution needed, download them all, the grab the dlls from particular sub-folders of the packages folder, put in a useable place, etc.

NuGet is the drag and drop of dependency management.

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