Web site debugging problems? Try running it outside the debugger at least once

I’ve been looking at this, because I’m looking into how to create a site that uses OData with CQRS (not to mention some Windows Universal Apps that use tasks to call OData services….”Over-architectured solution?  You’re soaking in it!”) and have been having a hell of a time debugging it (I know it uses WebAPI, but same difference).

I was cursing Angular, because the fun thing with javascript is you have to remember to F12 and look at response/request bodies and headers and it has all these strings and it kept giving me 500 errors because of ‘ambiguous matches’ on checking in and out inventory, then cursing the fact that I’d make markup changes that wouldn’t reflect when I viewed the site.  I’d switch between full IIS and IIS Express and get different behavior, etc.

Then, I thought about just running it in IIS.  Works perfectly.

So, that doesn’t explain at all why all the issues when running it under a debugger (I’m using VS 2015), but at least it is a sanity check to know the code is running fine.

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