Universal Windows Platform and Line of Business (LOB) applications: Things I don’t get yet

So, I was going to build a LOB application using UWP, and ran into a whole host of “I’m old and/or don’t get the new paradigm yet” issues.

Such as:

  • How do you do configuration settings with these things?  I know you are supposed to use ‘web’ technologies and all that (since OData is dead, I’m going WebAPI), but I still want to be able to point to some things in my ‘DEV’ environment, other things in my ‘PROD’ environment.  Don’t I?  That sort of thing doesn’t go away, but there’s nothing like an app.config to work with here.  Some suggestions I’ve seen are to have configuration items in a text file that gets loaded on startup, then having a build step that…..uh, no.
  • How do you do data access with these suckers?  Although you can reference EF 6 from Nuget, and it doesn’t puke when you do it, it doesn’t appear you can actually do anything with it.  So, you are ‘stuck’ with EF 7 Beta 6+ or something, and I’m not sure what, if anything, you get in terms of tooling support, so….um….I know I’m old and all, but, isn’t data access important?
  • Do you really ‘just’ pass ValueSet classes back and forth?  I think messages are awesome but, uh, that seems kind of limited.

I really want to just dive in and embrace this new fangled stuff, but it seems like I really should just build a WPF app.  That’s so 2007.  Does Microsoft support WPF apps these days?  That’s a semi serious question.

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