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More thoughts on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone

Following up on this, a few more thoughts.

My friend told me the Surface Phone would launch with the Surface Pro 4, and the Surface Book (which he didn’t tell me was a laptop, bastard), all of which he has seen personally.

Clearly, he has no idea what he is talking about.

But, given everything, there are reasons why Microsoft would release a phone that ran Windows (not Windows Mobile).

It would not make sense if there was a vibrant Windows Mobile market.  But there isn’t.  98% of it is Lumia.  Lumia is nice but not great.  No one is making a Windows Mobile phone.  Microsoft killed Windows RT, even though it was a great idea, because no one wanted it.

No one cares about Universal apps.  No one cares about Windows Mobile.  Panos wants top of the line, blow your mind experiences.  A Surface Phone that runs Windows Mobile doesn’t do that.  A Surface Phone that runs Windows itself puts Windows in your pocket, then the Universal apps can run on iOS and Android.  I’m thinking Office in particular here.

So, that’s it.  A Microsoft Surface Phone, running Windows 10, coming out in May 2016.

I have zero proof for this, of course.  But, it’s coming.  Maybe.

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Random thoughts on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone

I suppose I should say the ‘supposed’ upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone.

Like everyone else in the world, I have a friend at Microsoft, and he’s seen it.  Just like he saw the Surface Book (but didn’t tell me all the details about it, you bastard).  People saw the Surface Mini too, and it never released.


Microsoft keeps talking about “Windows in your pocket.”  Not Windows Mobile.  Windows.

So, obviously, what follows is that the Microsoft Surface Phone will run Windows.  Not Windows Mobile.  Windows.

I can come up with a dozen reasons why this won’t or shouldn’t happen.  But, I’m guessing it will.  Panos wants a Surface Phone.  Lumia and Continuum are nice, but not enough. 

Apple has iOS and OS X.  Microsoft doesn’t want two operating systems, it wants one.  Not Windows Mobile.  Windows.

I’m probably wrong.  Maybe.

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Enabling Custom Port on EC2 Instance

Suppose you want to enable port 8080 traffic to an EC2 instance, perhaps because you have set up an IIS site on a that port.  There are two things you need to do for this to work:

1) Edit your Security Group policy so that the port is enabled on inbound traffic.

2) Edit your Windows Firewall settings to allow it as well.

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