A ‘gotcha’ when it comes to OneDrive, (Micro)SD and Surface Book

So, Windows 10 can make it more difficult than it needs to be to move your OneDrive location to a MicroSD card (as I did on my Surface Pro 3).  There are various ways to do it that you can find using your Google-fu, but the way I did it was to create a Virtual HD through Disk Management on the MicroSD card that I have using an adapter in the Surface Book SD slot, and mounting that on its own drive letter.  OneDrive will not complain that it can’t be located there, as it does when you try to do it directly.

One thing I didn’t think about, which I don’t think is that big of a deal, but might be for others…..the whole magic thing is that you can detach the screen from the keyboard.  And guess what happens then?  OneDrive tells you it can no longer find its location.  Which it can’t.  Because it is ‘in the base’ (Panos Panay).

So, if you need to use OneDrive when the screen is detached, use the local drive.

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