February 2016 Blog Posts
Visual Studio 2015 Extensions and Updates Install ‘Bug’

You need to open Visual Studio 2015 in order to get to Extensions and Updates, to update any updated extensions or updates.

37% (unscientifically made up number) of the time, it tells you that you have to shut down Visual Studio in order to continue.  Not ‘you may need to restart Visual Studio afterwards for the update to take effect’ (which does happen sometimes as well), but that you have to.  This, of course, makes no sense.

Especially if the Extension only applies to Visual Studio 2015, and it says you have to close down any open instances of Visual Studio 2013, etc.   I think it just searches for devenv.exe processes or something.

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Did the page change? Change the URL

Go to the new NHL standings page here.  Look there’s the spinning thingies as the data loads.  Oh what fun.

Now, change the standings to “Wild Card.”  Now, try to bookmark it.  Oh, that’s right, the URL didn’t change.  So, everytime you come back to the page, you have to reset it to wild card.

Sometimes, people don’t think things out.  But if the look of a page changes due to some user action, you really need for it to be reflected in a way that allows the user to come straight back to that view, and really, the only sane and reliable way is to change the URL.

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Groove Music – Music Acquisition Still Sucks

I loved my Zune.  However, there were only about 8 of us who did, so it died a quiet death.

I now have all my music on my phone.  Well, let me take that back.  I want to have all my music on my phone, but it doesn’t seem to want me to have all my music on my phone, and never has.

Previously, I would always use the Desktop Lumia app to sync between my local home source of music (usually my laptop) and the phone because Groove just didn’t hack it and it was a waste to even try.

Supposedly, if you put your music up on OneDrive in a folder called Music, it will automagically see it and download it.  Except it doesn’t work right.

For the sake of argument, let’s say I have 15,000 songs on OneDrive.  If you reset a phone, it will ignore those files for a while, and then randomly say it is adding music.  The last time around when I got my Lumia 950, it eventually downloaded, I don’t know, I’m going to guess and say 11k of them.  Every once in a while, it would notice it didn’t have all of them and put a whole bunch of songs in a download list, but never download them.

Just recently, Groove has a major update, and part of what it did was to get rid of its knowledge of my local music collection (this was listed in the update notes, so it was expected).  Keep in mind, i still have the 11k on my phone.  It added maybe 2k of them and then stopped.  Frustrated, I went to the online store to download an album (“Daddy, what’s an album?”  Shut up kid), and it ‘woke up’ and so then re-added some large subset of the songs that are on my phone already, but not all of them.  And, it readded the 4k that it never added to the phone to the download list, where it will say it downloads a song, says ‘finishing up’, but then never finishes, until Groove eventually throws an exception, and I have to force quit the bitch.

It’s like how my wife refused to update iTunes for years after learning every time there was an update, it ruined everything. 

Groove is now iTunes.  Congrats, Microsoft.

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You know you aren’t a very good developer when….

You are teaching yourself a new javascript framework, copying it off of a sample codebase, and you just can’t get it to work and you check your syntax and your various ‘components’ and then after a couple of hours you realize….

You didn’t include a reference to the framework script in your HTML. 


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