March 2016 Blog Posts
Visual Studio 15 Preview: The DotNet tooling SDK does not appear to be installed on this computure. Please install it and then close and reopen the solution.

The brilliantly named Visual Studio 15 preview (Visual Studio 2016 would have been too hard?) throws this error when trying to open property pages of an Asp.Net MVC 6 project, and won’t build them.  Or clean them even.  And don’t even think about debugging it.

“Daddy, what’s a computure?”  “I don’t know sweetie.”

It took two runs of the installer to get it to install, and even on the second run, there were two popup errors (with obscure messages preventing any insight into what actually failed).

It does not, however, seem to hork up running it from Visual Studio 2015 (not 15…2015) in anyway, so it does seem to be truly side by side.

Ok.  Next release maybe.

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The given value of type String from the data source cannot be converted to type nvarchar of the specified target column

I ran into this error in one of my bulk insert method calls after updating an EF model, where I added some columns, changed the name of one, etc. in the underlying data source. 

This error can occur if you mess up datatypes in such a way as to cause truncation, but I knew that wasn’t it (since I didn’t change any datatypes).

After sleeping on it, I simply deleted the offending entity from my EF model and pulled it down again.  Voila.

Gotta love black magic and secret sauce.

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Tay, Microsoft’s chatbot, learns to be racist, taken offline

There’s a lesson in there, somewhere.

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Never have lives less lived been more chronicled

Dennis Miller, on the Dan Le Batard Show, regarding Twitter.

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Windows 10: What the hell happened to my taskbar?

It’s a little hard to see but:


Those are ‘scroll bars’ surrounding my notification area, and that big square on the right is just empty space.  Essentially, it is as if my taskbar got a portion on the right sliced off.

This is on one computer (unfortunately my Surface Book) out of 4 I have running Windows 10.  It is running a preview build but so are others and this doesn’t happen.

Google-fu fails on this and I can’t reset it by dragging it around the screen.


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