Asp.Net Core 1.0 RC2 fail, why? Who knows, it works on my machine, unless it’s the other machine

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After deciding that Asp.NET 5 MVC 6 (or whatever it was called) wasn’t quite how they wanted to do it, the brilliant Scotts from Microsoft decided to redo god knows what percentage of the damn thing, and it became Asp.NET Core 1.0.

Fantastic, but fine.  If that’s the direction to go and it makes sense, swell.  Rock the mutha out.

Of course, I then had to upgrade/port/bitchslap a major project that had been built on Asp.NET 5 MVC 6 (or whatever it was called) to Asp.NET Core 1.o.

Awesome.  Fantastic.  It was an exhilarating experience, but I finally pulled it off.

On my SurfacePro 4.  Which builds everything just fine.

But not on my SurfaceBook.  Which has the identical codebase pulled down from TFS, excuse me, Visual Studio Online, but won’t build it, because the updated shiny Asp.NET Core 1.0 RC2 site refuses to import/recognize/grok the .NET 4.5.2 references.  Why?  Who knows, it doesn’t say really.  I thought it might be because various projects had been built on 4.5 or 4.5.1 (even though the SurfacePro 4 didn’t care) so upgraded everything outside the shiny site to that, which of course didn’t fix it.

Which of course I now don’t want to check into TFS, excuse me, Visual Studio Online, because then if I sync my SufacePro 4, it might no longer work because, who the fuck knows why it works on one and not the other in the first place.


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