The MSDN subscription people and processes need some work

So I have a Visual Studio MSDN Enterprise subscription which I’ve had since 2009 (back when it was Ultimate), which I originally subscribed to under a particular email account.

A year or two ago, I changed the Microsoft account that it was listed under/connected to/ whatever.  I don’t recall exactly, but it seems like it went fine.

This year, after I renewed it, it expired.  I called in to point out the problem and they created a ticket, and the person online noted that I had in fact paid and they did something in some database somewhere, and it was reflected in their system but would take 2 or 3 days to be reflected online.

Fast forward through 6 weeks as I spoke with 2-3 different people to deal with the same issue.  To be fair, they would often call me and say “do you have access now?” and when I told them I didn’t, they said they would do something in some database somewhere and I should see it in 2-3 days.  The last person asked for confirmation through email that I had actually renewed in the first place, and then finally, I had access.

So, I asked for my expiration date to be forwarded to reflect the 2 months I didn’t have access.

They now call me every couple of days to ask if I have access, to which I reply that I do, but my expiration date has not been updated, to which they reply that they are escalating to their subscription manager, etc.

At least they call me.  I should feel loved.

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