Asp.NET Core + net461+ IIS = WTF

So, I have my nice port/re-write of an older MVC app to the new Asp.NET Core, which depends on some parts still written in net461 and so is configured for that, and I’ve reached the point I’ve ‘dreaded’ for quite some time.

I want to host this up in EC2, like a real app, which, of course, runs IIS.

The obvious question is:  how the hell do you do that?

I’ve read many things, and still, no work-y, as they all seem to depend on ‘pure’ Asp.NET core to work.  I can look in my stdout log location and see clearly:

Now listening on: http://localhost:25458
Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down.

And IIS is, maybe, fronting this.  Who the hell knows.  It doesn’t actually produce any output.  View source is blank.  Since it took a while to get it to not throw a 500 error, I actually do know it was/is fronting it (it wasn’t publishing the config.json and in the back, the kestrel piece of s^&t was complaining about it).

Of course, I can run it in Visual Studio under IIS Express.  Which is, of course, useless.  I want to be able to use https, real https, across the board.  I want to surf to the site under development from various mobile devices as I develop, real mobile devices, not emulators, so I can see how things will look in the real world.  I want to have some confidence that I will be able to deploy it to EC2 successfully.

You have a decade or two investment in IIS, you’d think you’d want this to work and make it a focus, not just “well, we’ll get it to work eventually, but look, you can develop on a MacBook!”  You’d think.

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