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Please don’t code this way….

“Having all clients share the same interface allow them to be hot-swappable at run-time without code changes”

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C# Programming in Excel: To delete a worksheet, make it visible

Is programming in Excel better or worse than programming Sharepoint?

Anyhoo, I was trying to merge 5 single worksheet excel spreadsheets into a new spreadsheet, and then deleting the blank worksheet created when you create the new spreadsheet.

But when calling delete on it, I would get one of those fantastic COM errors you get when programming like it’s 1989.  I tried many different things before realizing:

app.Visible = true;

would do the trick (I made it invisible because it is a server side process).


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This is why I don’t like RavenDB’s ‘Safe by Default’

Daily WTF.

Ayende would call this a feature.

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Studies show TDD doesn’t work

Of course, anyone who put any thought into it already knew this.

Did I say that obnoxiously enough?  Nah.

Anyhoo, it is no surprise that someone says in the comments “Well, they didn’t do TDD right.”  That’s always the response.

Translation: “If you are a good developer, you do good development.”

Yep, thanks.

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A Very Minor Personal Achievement



I highly recommend the course for anyone that’s interested in that sort of thing.  Highly informative, great classmates, great teachers, incredibly enjoyable, and Eastern Washington is a great place to visit.

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Asp.NET Core Failed to make the following project runnable, access to the file is denied

This shit again.

Except none of the workarounds that worked previously worked.  I cannot build on my current machine, and won’t have access to another machine that I can check on (since it only occurred on some machines previously) until tomorrow.  Got rid of the app.config file completely, and other things, but cannot build


a few minutes later

One workaround works.  Check out the entire solution for edit, then build.  Fantastic.

I suppose it’s a lot to ask for the bleeping tooling to work properly under common scenarios.  I’m unappreciative that way.

Bleeping bleep.

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