Be wary of Visual Studio 2017 RC

I made the mistake of installing this on multiple machines instead of my usual “install on one and check it out fairly thoroughly” routine.  I guess I had been lulled into somewhat of a sense of security with the beta/RC process for Visual Studio 2015, in that I didn’t think that installing 17 RC would break important parts of 15 functionality.

To wit, simply installing 17 RC would break some .NET Core web apps inside Visual Studio 2015, even if I didn’t try to open/upgrade them in the new software.

Various errors included:

  • the following error occurred attempting to run the project model server process (1.0.0-preview3-004056), unable to start process.
  • tsc.exe exited with code 1
  • project file could not be found

And remember, this is trying to run in old software, not the new software.

Luckily, simply uninstalling Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 through Control Panel’s Program and Features, and then installing the newest Typescript exe from here fixed the issue, instead of requiring me to repave multiple machines and weeping copiously.


posted on Sunday, November 20, 2016 7:24 PM Print
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