Friday, February 03, 2017
Visual Studio 2017 RC.3 26127.3 finally works ASP.Net Core correctly

At least in my experience.

Even until this minor point release came out a few days after the more ‘major’ release, things did not work right.  Since there needed to be a more solid upgrade path from the project.json system to the ‘new’ MSBuild system, I was concerned about how much work it would take.

In the end, not very much.  Bin and Obj folders needed to be deleted, and for some obscure reason, the EF 6.1.3 NuGet package needed to be added to the Asp.NET Core project (this wasn’t required previously, so I’m assuming this is just some odd bug that will be resolved later), but otherwise, the upgrade worked smoothly.

It will be nice to now be able to work in the new VS exclusively.  Or at least, that is the hope.

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