Running Visual Studio 2017 and OneDrive off of an (micro)SD card

So, I got one of those Surface Pro Type Cover bundles, because it has 8 GB (which is my minimum, btw off topic, but when is Microsoft going to release a Surface with 32 GB of memory?) and while only 128 GB storage, I have a 300+ GB microSD card to put in it, and it’s over $300 off list.

The idea is to run most programs (including SQL Server 2017 and Visual Studio 2017) off the microSD, as well as have OneDrive there, so that the local storage doesn’t get filled out.  Good plan.

Except SQL and VS will recognize that you are trying to use a microSD card and say no way.  So will OneDrive, but differently.

So, you have to trick it.  In 2 ways.

First thing to do is recognize that you can mount an SD card in a folder, so you mount it in your local storage, and then VS and SQL will install fine, as it will think it is local storage.

However, OneDrive will still view it as a place it can’t live off of and block you.

Here, you create a virtual drive in Disk Management, mount that on a drive letter (and you can create a task in task scheduler to mount it on startup), and then point OneDrive to that, and it will then accept it.

“But won’t performance suffer?”  Sure, it won’t be as good as local disk, but i’ve found it to be passable. 

Links here and here for helpful tech details on both steps.

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