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Chicago Alt.Net November 2011 Kanban Presentation Video and Presentation Deck Available

You can get/see them here. I’m pretty self-critical, and so in my head, I graded it out as 3.5 out of 10.  Having watched the video, I’ll bump it up to a solid 4.  I deduct .5 points simply because I had it lined up to show how Kanban shows that the Software Craftsmanship manifesto/movement is garbage (note: this is not an officially supported position by anyone else practicing Kanban, just me being me), and then *completely* forgot to put in the punch line.  Doh! For some reason, the voice doesn’t sound like me.  It is usually high-pitched...

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Chicago Alt.Net Presentation, 11/16/2011: Poor Man’s Kanban

The evite is here, the description is here. Meeting is Nov. 16th at 6 PM at the usual Redpoint Technologies space at Willis Tower (what everyone else knows as Sears Tower). The phrase “poor man’s kanban” is something I introduced (well, I guess Chris Matts introduced it) on the yahoo group to differentiate between the very basics of kanban from the much more sophisticated versions that existed then and exist now. I’ll be describing the differences between traditional waterfall, scrum and kanban.  Hopefully, it will be of benefit to some.  The presentation will be recorded and materials...

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pmk–start with what you have

What does or does not count as Kanban varies over time.  It is what it is. But, there are two principles that make a lot of sense. 1) Start with what you have Though I’m sure Scrum professionals would disagree with this, from my perspective, a lot of Agile seems to imply that you need to have a company re-org to implement Agile practices.  Understandably, this scares off a lot of people.  With Kanban, you start with what you have.  What is the current value stream?  Map it out.  Then, start from that. 2)...

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pmk – poor man’s kanban - an interlude – Kanbanand Guide

Okay, so apparently I got completely off-track, so this is a major interlude here.  I actually have the next post in the pipeline. Anyway, I came across this and thought it was a really good read and explanation of something similar to what I think. There are some differences.  For instance, since I dislike TDD so much, I’d change all references to Context/Specification testing. But, it is a very concise and clear summary.  Take a look.

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pmk – poor man’s kanban – 2 of N – Waste

At some point, one would think I would talk about, you know, kanban, specifically, the kanban board.  I’m getting to that. But first, I want to talk about the concept of waste and how it fits in. Now, within the Toyota Production System, the precursor of at least one version of Lean Software Development, there is a list of the 7 types of waste.  This immediately makes me skeptical.  Really?  7?  Not 6?  Not 8?  We’re all geeks here, don’t there have to be 42?  I don’t buy it. Furthermore, as I mentioned in previous posts, the...

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pmk – poor man’s kanban – 1 of N – Preamble

There is a lot of existing literature when it comes to Lean/Kanban/Pull/Whatever.  Before getting into my discussion of pmk, although I believe I did this in a previous post, it is important to once again highlight some of the common links to that material. Lean Software Development This is most obviously associated with the work of Mary and Tom Poppendieck, since I believe they coined the phrase. Their work can be found in greatest detail at their homepage. You can find their books on Amazon by clicking here. The wikipedia article on it can be...

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