Breaking news: Relational databases are no longer needed

I wasn’t aware of this: It's not a relational system and, frankly, relational systems simply aren't needed any more. The whole concept of normalization and relational "thinking" for lack of better words came about because of disk space (I was a former DBA). SQL databases are very good at what they do, they succeed because they stick with ACID and are quite fast; I don't think it has anything to do with how good they are at relational theory. But, he was a former DBA (apparently he isn’t a former DBA anymore), so he must know what he’s...

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Repost: Relational Database vs NoSQL Fanbois

This is basically NSFW, but if you’ve never taken a look, and are in to geek humor, you might want to take a look at this video.

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Philosophy 101: A reason to consider using a NoSQL implementation

Note: the cross-section of people interested in philosophy and also interested in NoSQL is close to zero, but it’s my blog and I blog what I want to, blog what I want to.  The general philosophical point applies to all of life, the usage of NoSQL to discuss it might be interesting to people interested in NoSQL. This might not come as a surprise to anyone, but developers tend to be an opinionated bunch (ask me what I think about TDD). On a factor of something like 5X, DBAs are worse.  I believe I have some standing to...

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NoSQL gets a boost: Oracle joins the NoSQL Club

Here’s the InfoQ link. I’ve actually been expecting something like this from either Oracle or Microsoft.  There’s more than enough evidence out there that a NoSQL implementation is able to handle important, real-world scenarios in ways that traditional relational databases can’t (or, more accurately, can’t easily). It makes sense, from a vendor perspective, to add this weapon to its arsenal.  It would not surprise me to see Microsoft offer something at some point down the road, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the marketing department has some difficulty in developing decent branding for it:  SQL Server 2012 NoSQL...

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NoSQL Growing Pains

FourSquare suffered a near half-day complete outage of their site due to problems with their MongoDB implementation.  You can read the details here. I won’t comment much on the actual outage, since the details are readily available.  It looks like a ‘standard’ outage that one might be familiar with when dealing with other backend systems. It does point out that, while NoSQL implementations are heralded to be able to scale to ‘internet size’ (whatever that means), and which RDBMS sites supposedly can’t match (which is a myth, but that’s okay), running any large site will often lead to...

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