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Words of wisdom: The Latin definition of “demo”

As I was lamenting the not unusual experience of previously texted working software behaving unexpectedly during a demo, a friend of mine reminded me: I think that is the Latin definition of “demo”: will randomly fuck up in previously unforeseen ways. True that.

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Words of Wisdom – Mike Halford

The actual post is only of interest to a subset of hockey fans, but it contains this gem: “Finally, it’s worth pointing out that you can never really take anything off the Internet. It’s like trying to take pee out of a pool.” Hard to argue with that.

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Words of Wisdom – Doug Gottlieb

"Money doesn’t fix things.  It does make things fun when you have larger problems.”

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Words of Wisdom – My Younger Sister

In discussing the music of Epica: “Their death grunting even makes sense live, though it usually seems rather silly to me.” If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  You can never have too much death grunting. Death grunting?

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Words of Wisdom – Nigella Lawson

Judging a dish on Iron Chef America: “It’s witty, without bringing attention to itself.” That’s exactly how I feel when ordering off the dollar menu at Taco Bell.

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