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General Computing
Running Visual Studio 2017 and OneDrive off of an (micro)SD card

So, I got one of those Surface Pro Type Cover bundles, because it has 8 GB (which is my minimum, btw off topic, but when is Microsoft going to release a Surface with 32 GB of memory?) and while only 128 GB storage, I have a 300+ GB microSD card to put in it, and it’s over $300 off list. The idea is to run most programs (including SQL Server 2017 and Visual Studio 2017) off the microSD, as well as have OneDrive there, so that the local storage doesn’t get filled out.  Good plan. Except SQL and...

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MSDN Subscription People Finally Deliver

In a follow up to this, it took a while, but they finally updated my subscription end date to reflect the period of time that I didn’t have access.  Well, most of it, I think it was technically a few weeks short but fairly close anyway.

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The MSDN subscription people and processes need some work

So I have a Visual Studio MSDN Enterprise subscription which I’ve had since 2009 (back when it was Ultimate), which I originally subscribed to under a particular email account. A year or two ago, I changed the Microsoft account that it was listed under/connected to/ whatever.  I don’t recall exactly, but it seems like it went fine. This year, after I renewed it, it expired.  I called in to point out the problem and they created a ticket, and the person online noted that I had in fact paid and they did something in some database somewhere, and...

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There’s levels of irony here

The man who’s made a career of making videos about things he doesn’t really know is writing a book. I’m sure it will be a good read.

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Tay, Microsoft’s chatbot, learns to be racist, taken offline

There’s a lesson in there, somewhere.

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This is the year of Linux on the desktop

Only two weeks left.

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“Let’s build the data using the API”

Translation:  blah, blah, blah

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USB-C has a way to go

I forgot to bring my phone charger to work and hadn’t yet packed the spare USB-C cable I bought into my work bag, so I figured I’d just go get one, so that my new Lumia 950 wouldn’t die. Keep in mind, I work in Downtown Chicago. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Staples….none of them had one, and none of them knew what one was. “Oh, you mean you need a micro USB cord?”  No, USB-C.  “What is that, are you sure it isn’t micro USB, what kind of phone is it?”

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Nerd Heaven

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More thoughts on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone

Following up on this, a few more thoughts. My friend told me the Surface Phone would launch with the Surface Pro 4, and the Surface Book (which he didn’t tell me was a laptop, bastard), all of which he has seen personally. Clearly, he has no idea what he is talking about. But, given everything, there are reasons why Microsoft would release a phone that ran Windows (not Windows Mobile). It would not make sense if there was a vibrant Windows Mobile market.  But there isn’t.  98% of it is Lumia.  Lumia is nice but...

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Random thoughts on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone

I suppose I should say the ‘supposed’ upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. Like everyone else in the world, I have a friend at Microsoft, and he’s seen it.  Just like he saw the Surface Book (but didn’t tell me all the details about it, you bastard).  People saw the Surface Mini too, and it never released. Anyway…. Microsoft keeps talking about “Windows in your pocket.”  Not Windows Mobile.  Windows. So, obviously, what follows is that the Microsoft Surface Phone will run Windows.  Not Windows Mobile.  Windows. I can come up with a dozen reasons why this...

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Web site debugging problems? Try running it outside the debugger at least once

I’ve been looking at this, because I’m looking into how to create a site that uses OData with CQRS (not to mention some Windows Universal Apps that use tasks to call OData services….”Over-architectured solution?  You’re soaking in it!”) and have been having a hell of a time debugging it (I know it uses WebAPI, but same difference). I was cursing Angular, because the fun thing with javascript is you have to remember to F12 and look at response/request bodies and headers and it has all these strings and it kept giving me 500 errors because of ‘ambiguous matches’ on...

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This is the year of Linux on the desktop….

Ok, maybe not.

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A good set of problems to have

If you find yourself in this situation, you should consider yourself very lucky and be grateful.

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How not to use a computer

Does make for an interesting read, though.

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I had no idea that was a word. Anyway, although you certainly should design your apps so that they are easy to use, pretty much if you can’t do it on the computer, it usually is your fault. Sorry.  But, that’s okay.  It isn’t a moral judgment, it’s a skills assessment.

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Resetting a Surface Pro 3

So to prepare for the next release of Windows 10, and for the hell of it, I decided to reset my Surface Pro 3, which I am still in the process of doing.  If you are going to reset a computer, it is usually a good idea to make sure you’ve backed up everything you care about.  It was only a personal database that I had recently created, but that went bye bye. Also, when I reset, it reset to Windows 10 9841.  That I was not expecting.  I was also not expecting it to say that...

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SimpleInjector – Registering when you have a primitive in the constructor

Suppose you have a class that has something like a string parameter in its constructor, like: public class QueryBus(string busName) : IQueryBus If you try to register this using SimpleInjector the normal way, like this: container.Register<IQueryBus, QueryBus>(); you will get an exception when you call container.Verify(), like this: The constructor of type QueryBus contains parameter 'name' of type String which can not be used for constructor injection. You can also get other errors, depending on what you are trying to do, and obviously, you can’t register a string (and if you try to do...

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The OneDrive version dance

Suppose your machine reboots before you have a chance to close out all of your documents (this happens quite often when you are on a Surface Pro 3 that refuses to successfully install the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview, but I digress).  Suppose some of these are Excel documents. When you restart Excel and try to open one of those documents, you may get the message ‘someone has updated the server version, do you want to keep your local version or the server version’, what would you choose?   This is a document that is only updated on a single...

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Does your website automatically play videos when you visit and not allow you to turn them off?

Then you suck. You doubly suck if you allow visitors to turn auto-play off but then ‘forget’ this.

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How do you deal with open generics and either Autofac or StructureMap?

For the longest time, I’ve ‘hard-wired’ my registrations using StructureMap, and I’m trying to do an auto registry type of thing and it just isn’t working, because I’m old and stupid. I’m trying both Autofac and StructureMap, here’s the Autofac version. I have an interface:   public interface Handles<in T> where T : ICommand I do:    var assembly = Assembly.GetCallingAssembly(); Then:   builder.RegisterAssemblyTypes(assembly)                .AsClosedTypesOf(typeof(Handles<>))                .AsImplementedInterfaces(); This seems to work (as I can look at my registrations and see stuff), and...

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Random Software Developer Job Key Responsibility #1

Pulled from random job listing sent to me: • Accountable for partnering with key roles (enterprise architects, infrastructure, etc.) to create solutions that are aligned to architecture standards and principles, leverage common solutions and services

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Still can’t run WTP 9879 on Surface Pro 3

As part of the Windows Technical Preview program, you don’t have total control over whether or not Windows will try to update to any newly released builds if and when they become available.  I thought I had switched to the ‘slow’ build mode, but apparently not, as every couple of days, it tries to update from 9860 to 9879 and fails. I have read online that other people have been able to, so I’m not sure why my Surface can’t.  My guess, based on random things I’ve read, is that it is because of Hyper-V, which I don’t want...

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Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879 Installation Failure

Well, I’m 0 for 2 on this one. New preview build is out, and I’ve tried to install it twice and it has failed both times.  It runs through the entire process, including one reboot, and then it fails, popping up a dialog box that reminds me of Windows 3.1 or something, saying one or more components couldn’t be installed.  It then reverts back to 9860 (and thanks for that actually, the reversion seems to work just fine). I’ve tried it on a fairly ‘limited’ universe, my Surface Pro 3 and on a MacBook Air.  I’m going...

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Fixing wireless on a Surface Pro 3 under WTP 9860

There are no doubt other ways to do it, and this worked on my machine, so YMMV. First, go here and download the driver packs.  I think you only need the Surface Pro 3 zip file, but I downloaded all of them for the hell of it. Next, uninstall your wireless driver from Device Manager, choosing to delete it from your machine. Then, unzip the zip file (making sure to unblock it, if needed by right-clicking, choosing properties, and choosing unblock). Then, in device manager, you should have an unidentified network adapter/ethernet controller/whatever, so right-click...

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Windows 10 Technical Preview: The Desktop Window Manager has encountered a fatal error (0x8898008d) – Workaround for my Surface Pro 3

In a previous post, I mentioned one issue that I am running into an issue where my desktop session disappears on my Surface Pro 3, so all open apps/docs/whatever go bye-bye.  This is obviously inconvenient (I would point out that this first preview is supposedly geared towards desktop machines, and so specifically not tablet/laptops like the Surface Pro 3, but that goes without saying, so I won’t mention it). After some research (more than a minute, less than 20), it seems to be related to sleep.  When the machine goes to sleep, it (almost?) always loses the session.  So,...

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Windows 10 Technical Preview: The Desktop Window Manager has encountered a fatal error (0x8898008d)

This is the first significant issue that I’ve run into with the new WTP.  I’ve never seen it happen as it is happening, but a few times now I’ve come back to the machine after locking it, or transporting my Surface Pro 3, and the desktop is totally ‘clear’ (as if I was just logging into it after a reboot, but it hasn’t rebooted that I can tell). I have no idea what’s causing it yet.

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Running Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Surface Pro 3

Even though I read somewhere about why you shouldn’t do this on your main development machine, after installing the preview on two other machines without issue, I made the possibly irresponsible decision to go ahead and do it. Overall, I’m very pleased.  There is a runDLL error on startup involving a single DLL, but otherwise, I have yet to notice any significant problems with it.  I can’t say that I find anything particularly immediately exciting about it, mind you, as I really don’t care about the start menu, but I do like the whole windowed Store app thing.

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