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Keep your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard from disconnecting in Windows 10

This applies to earlier versions as well. Go into Device Manager, find whatever your main Bluetooth Adapter is under Bluetooth, right click to get its properties, choose power management, and make sure to uncheck the option to allow it to disconnect devices to save power.

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Windows 10: What the hell happened to my taskbar?

It’s a little hard to see but: Those are ‘scroll bars’ surrounding my notification area, and that big square on the right is just empty space.  Essentially, it is as if my taskbar got a portion on the right sliced off. This is on one computer (unfortunately my Surface Book) out of 4 I have running Windows 10.  It is running a preview build but so are others and this doesn’t happen. Google-fu fails on this and I can’t reset it by dragging it around the screen. Swell.

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A ‘gotcha’ when it comes to OneDrive, (Micro)SD and Surface Book

So, Windows 10 can make it more difficult than it needs to be to move your OneDrive location to a MicroSD card (as I did on my Surface Pro 3).  There are various ways to do it that you can find using your Google-fu, but the way I did it was to create a Virtual HD through Disk Management on the MicroSD card that I have using an adapter in the Surface Book SD slot, and mounting that on its own drive letter.  OneDrive will not complain that it can’t be located there, as it does when you try to...

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Nerd Heaven

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More thoughts on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone

Following up on this, a few more thoughts. My friend told me the Surface Phone would launch with the Surface Pro 4, and the Surface Book (which he didn’t tell me was a laptop, bastard), all of which he has seen personally. Clearly, he has no idea what he is talking about. But, given everything, there are reasons why Microsoft would release a phone that ran Windows (not Windows Mobile). It would not make sense if there was a vibrant Windows Mobile market.  But there isn’t.  98% of it is Lumia.  Lumia is nice but...

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Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10547 Install Bug

This may seem a bit familiar. Trying to upgrade and it would stick at 23%, 77% files copied.  After waiting 20 minutes or so, I powered down so it would revert to the previous version. I then deselected WCF HTTP Activation for both .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.6, upgraded successfully, then reselected them.

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Upgrading a Windows 10 Universal App from Preview SDK to Release? Maybe not so bad.

Despite what I saw and wrote about here, it doesn’t appear to be all that bad. Did have to open the project file and change the build number, but I’ve done that before.  Then I just copied over the project.json and project.lock.json files, and everything was fine. Still not seamless, but that’s not quite so bad.

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Upgrading a Windows 10 Universal App from Preview SDK to Release? Holy crap

I’m in the need of doing this, as I’m not a very good developer so I need source code I can review/steal, and I’ve been using some sample apps from Microsoft. Ran into an issue looking at an old sample, where it couldn’t compile, since it couldn’t even find the ‘System’ reference.  Eek. Anyway, tracked down apparently what is needed. Holy crap.  That looks like a lot of work.

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Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 on a Lumia 1520: Still not right

I’ve been using Windows 10 ever since it first became available (so sometime in 2014), even on my main development machine, and without any significant issues along the way. Which makes it all the more surprising that Windows 10 Mobile is such a freakin’ trainwreck. Ever hopeful that the build quality will get better, not worse, I have installed the latest build on my Lumia 1520, and it still can’t display the start screen properly.  In the previous build, you could get it to show up.  It might disappear from time to time, but generally, you could get...

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Windows 10 Preview 10162 Install Bug

Though I upgraded Windows 10 preview 10158 and 10159 with no issues, I ran into a problem with 10162 where it would fail at 40% with the always obscure message about their being a problem installing Windows components. Hacking through the various install logs, I was able to guess that it had something to do with WCF Http Activation, and so I turned it off for .NET 3.5 and 4.6 inside of Control Panel –> Programs Features –> Turn Windows Features On and Off, and sure enough, it proceeded past that place on the install.

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Windows 10 Phone 10136 on a Lumia 1520 slightly less of a train wreck than 10080

But Lordy, it ain’t good. Improving over the previous build, you can at least use it.  The start screen will appear and stay ‘appeared’, so it is functional. But there is a tremendous lack of functionality, or broken functionality, or semi-randomly working functionality. In no particular order: There is a lag of 1-2 seconds between when you tap on a tile and when it then ‘flips’ with a particularly useless animation that indicates the app is launching. If you are lucky, it will launch.  Sometimes, you need to tap, watch...

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Quick Impressions of Windows 10 Phone 10051 on a Nokia Lumia 1520

Ok, so I didn’t really read the release notes much.  I was out of town at a funderal and just installed it.  Generally not the smartest way of doing things, but I am a trained professional. The immediate ‘show stopper’ is that Office isn’t included.  I tend to use OneNote a lot.  Oops.  Wunderlist appears to be a useful enough substitute for the few weeks I have to wait for whatever build puts that back in. It is most definitely a work in progress with varying degrees of fit and polish (or lack thereof).  The most immediate things...

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Microsoft pledges to pick up the windows 10 update pace, doesn’t release new build

All-righty then.

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You can hibernate a Surface Pro 3 running Windows Technical Preview 9926

….if you create a shortcut to use the command line option, and it is otherwise enabled using powercfg.

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A few nagging issues with Windows Technical Preview 9926 on a Surface Pro 3

I can’t say I’ve checked out all the newest features, but overall, I like it. However, there are a couple of nagging issues that I’ve run into: No hibernation.  It’s enabled in the registry, powercfg /h and all that is set, there is even a hiberfil.sys file available, but the normal trick of getting it to show up as an option when you ‘press’ the power button doesn’t work.  No hibernation option. Can’t sleep.  Or, should I say, it is so sensitive that when I choose for it to sleep, just about...

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Upgrading a Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10 Build 9926

First off, it works.  Slowly.  It took over 2 hours (not counting download). Other than building a few projects, I haven’t tested month.  Icons and stuff look all different.

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Hyper-V doesn’t block installing Windows Technical Preview 9879 on Surface Pro 3

Since WTP has the nice ‘feature’ of auto-installing updates, now that 9879 is on the slow band of updates, every day or two, it attempts to update from 9860, which closes whatever I am working on, and then fails.  Super. So, on the off-chance that it was Hyper-V that was causing the issue, I uninstalled it and tried the update myself.  No luck. Still with an obscure error message: Failed execution of queue item Installer: ServiceModelReg Installer ({79675b3f-2054-4efd-aa9d-e1830916be47}) with HRESULT HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(52).  Failure will not be ignored: A rollback will be initiated after all the operations in the...

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About those new Windows Technical Preview 9879 iso files


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Still can’t run WTP 9879 on Surface Pro 3

As part of the Windows Technical Preview program, you don’t have total control over whether or not Windows will try to update to any newly released builds if and when they become available.  I thought I had switched to the ‘slow’ build mode, but apparently not, as every couple of days, it tries to update from 9860 to 9879 and fails. I have read online that other people have been able to, so I’m not sure why my Surface can’t.  My guess, based on random things I’ve read, is that it is because of Hyper-V, which I don’t want...

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Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879 Installation Failure

Well, I’m 0 for 2 on this one. New preview build is out, and I’ve tried to install it twice and it has failed both times.  It runs through the entire process, including one reboot, and then it fails, popping up a dialog box that reminds me of Windows 3.1 or something, saying one or more components couldn’t be installed.  It then reverts back to 9860 (and thanks for that actually, the reversion seems to work just fine). I’ve tried it on a fairly ‘limited’ universe, my Surface Pro 3 and on a MacBook Air.  I’m going...

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