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Running Visual Studio 2017 and OneDrive off of an (micro)SD card

So, I got one of those Surface Pro Type Cover bundles, because it has 8 GB (which is my minimum, btw off topic, but when is Microsoft going to release a Surface with 32 GB of memory?) and while only 128 GB storage, I have a 300+ GB microSD card to put in it, and it’s over $300 off list. The idea is to run most programs (including SQL Server 2017 and Visual Studio 2017) off the microSD, as well as have OneDrive there, so that the local storage doesn’t get filled out.  Good plan. Except SQL and...

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Visual Studio 2017 RC.3 26127.3 finally works ASP.Net Core correctly

At least in my experience. Even until this minor point release came out a few days after the more ‘major’ release, things did not work right.  Since there needed to be a more solid upgrade path from the project.json system to the ‘new’ MSBuild system, I was concerned about how much work it would take. In the end, not very much.  Bin and Obj folders needed to be deleted, and for some obscure reason, the EF 6.1.3 NuGet package needed to be added to the Asp.NET Core project (this wasn’t required previously, so I’m assuming this is just...

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Registry Key to Fix Visual Studio Failing to Start with Negative Number


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Repairing Xamarin after uninstalling Visual Studio 2017 RC

In a previous post I mentioned that uninstalling Visual Studio 2017 RC broke any existing Xamarin projects, removed the templates, etc. and that I hadn’t figured out how to fix it. Here’s how you fix it: Go the Xamarin web site and go to the download page.  Annoyingly enter in your contact information for the 17th time, and then where it asks you if you already have Visual Studio installed, select ‘no’.  Download the file, execute it, and it will reset things (it doesn’t actually appear to download anything that I could tell, but it’s hard to tell). ...

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Uninstalling Visual Studio 2017 RC appears to have broken Xamarin

In a previous post, I mentioned some difficulties with the latest Visual Studio 2017 RC, and how uninstalling it, plus installing the latest Typescript release, appeared to have minimized the damage. Unfortunately, I apparently have spoken too soon, as I discovered today that an Android app project is broken, showing the project as being incompatible, and there are no longer any Xamarin project templates to be had.  Even worse, there doesn’t appear to be a ‘repair’ option, so I’ve yet to figure out how to fix Xamarin. Again, my fault for blanket installing without testing, but still very...

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Be wary of Visual Studio 2017 RC

I made the mistake of installing this on multiple machines instead of my usual “install on one and check it out fairly thoroughly” routine.  I guess I had been lulled into somewhat of a sense of security with the beta/RC process for Visual Studio 2015, in that I didn’t think that installing 17 RC would break important parts of 15 functionality. To wit, simply installing 17 RC would break some .NET Core web apps inside Visual Studio 2015, even if I didn’t try to open/upgrade them in the new software. Various errors included: ...

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The MSDN subscription people and processes need some work

So I have a Visual Studio MSDN Enterprise subscription which I’ve had since 2009 (back when it was Ultimate), which I originally subscribed to under a particular email account. A year or two ago, I changed the Microsoft account that it was listed under/connected to/ whatever.  I don’t recall exactly, but it seems like it went fine. This year, after I renewed it, it expired.  I called in to point out the problem and they created a ticket, and the person online noted that I had in fact paid and they did something in some database somewhere, and...

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Visual Studio 15 Preview: The DotNet tooling SDK does not appear to be installed on this computure. Please install it and then close and reopen the solution.

The brilliantly named Visual Studio 15 preview (Visual Studio 2016 would have been too hard?) throws this error when trying to open property pages of an Asp.Net MVC 6 project, and won’t build them.  Or clean them even.  And don’t even think about debugging it. “Daddy, what’s a computure?”  “I don’t know sweetie.” It took two runs of the installer to get it to install, and even on the second run, there were two popup errors (with obscure messages preventing any insight into what actually failed). It does not, however, seem to hork up running it from...

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Visual Studio 2015 Extensions and Updates Install ‘Bug’

You need to open Visual Studio 2015 in order to get to Extensions and Updates, to update any updated extensions or updates. 37% (unscientifically made up number) of the time, it tells you that you have to shut down Visual Studio in order to continue.  Not ‘you may need to restart Visual Studio afterwards for the update to take effect’ (which does happen sometimes as well), but that you have to.  This, of course, makes no sense. Especially if the Extension only applies to Visual Studio 2015, and it says you have to close down any open instances...

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Does anyone know how to create an OData client for Visual Studio 2015?

Seriously, most of the things out there refer to an Odata client package thing that doesn’t work with Visual Studio 2015. Seems a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

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Blend for Visual Studio 2015: Update required, one or more projects require a platform SDK fix

Downloaded some samples involving Windows 10 and all the new Universal Application goodness, but couldn’t open the projects.  They kept saying this sort of thing when I opened a solution. The way to resolve this is to download the platform SDK, and if it happens not to be the version the project wants, you need to manually edit the project file and adjust these lines: <TargetPlatformVersion>10.0.10030.0</TargetPlatformVersion> <TargetPlatformMinVersion>10.0.10030.0</TargetPlatformMinVersion> Since I’m running a more recent SDK, I changed to this: <TargetPlatformVersion>10.0.10158.0</TargetPlatformVersion> <TargetPlatformMinVersion>10.0.10158.0</TargetPlatformMinVersion>...

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Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 Nuget Problems

More reasons to love the piece’o’shit that is nuget…. In previous versions of VS 2015 CTP, the ‘manage packages’ section was horribly designed so that it automatically selected every single project if you wanted to add a package, and you had to manually deselect ones you didn’t want to add it to.  They fixed that. Unfortunately, when adding EF 6 packages, I discovered that now they no longer add all of the config entries required, so you have to finish it manually.  That’s bad enough. But now, today, when I try to go to that section to...

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