ALT.NET Open Spaces Seattle Conference

I'm leaving tomorrow for the aforementioned conference.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm hoping to learn quite a bit, as well as put some faces (and voices) to the names that have become somewhat familiar to me by now.

Why am I leaving tomorrow?  Well, I was originally going to fly out of O'Hare on American, but last week, when it still wasn't clear how long the cancellations would last, I worried about having last minute problems with my flight.  And I also started thinking about a project that has been lingering in semi-complete state for, well, arguably years.  So, I decided to take some extra time and take the train.  I'm hoping I can get in about a month's worth of work in a couple of days.

Plus, I need to avoid the cougars in the neighborhood (4 blocks away from where I live).

I'll be staying with my sister and her husband.  I'm not going to attempt to blog it live or anything (especially since my DSL, on cue, will drop a day or so after I leave), but assuming I make it back alive, I'll have some feedback from it.

Should be fun.

posted on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 6:40 PM Print
# re: ALT.NET Open Spaces Seattle Conference
Derik Whittaker
4/15/2008 8:08 PM
2 Words..... YOU SUCK.

Wish i was going. Oh well.
# re: ALT.NET Open Spaces Seattle Conference
4/15/2008 8:10 PM
Funny, I think some of the other participants would say the same thing...LOL.

Next time, buddy. Actually, Ayende has personally promised that if I created/hosted an ALT.NET conference, he would attend. ALT.NET Open Spaces Chicago 2009?
# re: ALT.NET Open Spaces Seattle Conference
Derik Whittaker
4/16/2008 11:07 AM
Sure, lets get the Code Camp out of the way first :)

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