December 2005 Blog Posts
Slow Stored Procedure Execution

Suppose you have a stored procedure that runs fine in one environment, but slower in another.  You check to make sure all the underlying indexes exist.  You recompile it a couple of times.  Still, it doesn't perform as it should.


Update Statistics tablename

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.NET interview questions

I think these are pretty silly, but they are interesting lists to look at:

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.NET: How do I get to the System Colors?

For whatever reason, you can't do System.Drawing.Color.Control or System.Drawing.Color.Default, or whatever. 

Instead, you need to do something like System.Drawing.SystemColors.Control.

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Could not transform licenses file into a binary resource

This error shows up in Visual Studio from time to time when using third party components with Windows Forms and trying to compile, often with an accompanying qualifier: “could not create type.”  When this happens, delete the existing licenses.licx file.  Then open all of the forms and make a tiny change and then reverse it (so for instance, I change the location of a control by one pixel, and then put it back to its original location).

The project should now build.

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