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Not that anyone cares, but in case anyone thinks that I suddenly am making a lot of typos. I am taking my wife’s maiden name as a middle name, and so am now rebranding as ‘jdan’. Always remember to get married in Chicago in February, destination wedding to be sure.  

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Chicago Alt.Net Presentation, 11/16/2011: Poor Man’s Kanban

The evite is here, the description is here. Meeting is Nov. 16th at 6 PM at the usual Redpoint Technologies space at Willis Tower (what everyone else knows as Sears Tower). The phrase “poor man’s kanban” is something I introduced (well, I guess Chris Matts introduced it) on the yahoo group to differentiate between the very basics of kanban from the much more sophisticated versions that existed then and exist now. I’ll be describing the differences between traditional waterfall, scrum and kanban.  Hopefully, it will be of benefit to some.  The presentation will be recorded and materials...

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Broken Category Show All Links

A reader contacted me to let me know that the show all functionality for my blog categories is broken.  Thus: returns zero posts. There’s a reason for this.  That page produces an “unbounded result set.”  Since my blog is on a shared, publicly hosted infrastructure, in order to prevent traffic from my blog from taking down other sites, I decided to make the settings “safe by default” and return nothing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  Try the veal, tip your waitresses. Oy.  Seriously, I’ll have to check to see what is wrong in the source code.  Because of...

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Email Provider Changed

Because I’m old and slow and lazy and stupid, I didn’t bother to change the blog config to reflect the fact that I had changed email providers, so I’ve been dropping messages.  Well done, sir, well done. Fixed.

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Comments Re-enabled

Thanks to the three people who mentioned this recently and reminded me to look at it. Turns out that the mail provider that I was using with SubText 1.9.ancient no longer worked with Subtext 2.5.blah, and there was one other config change that was required. I guess the current John Gruber period is over.  For now.

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Comments Disabled For a Bit

Still trying to figure out the comment email error thing (not surprisingly, Haack isn’t responding, though I would think a problem with the new code would trump the blacklisting….customer service isn’t what it should be), so I’ve disabled comments till I can figure out what’s up. Clustrmaps stuff has been fixed, and the weird “www” vs no ‘www’ has been fixed.  New Subtext apparently requires a new way of setting that up.  Or I never knew something about how it worked previously past the ancient 2006 version.

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Upgraded to SubText 2.5, sort of

You get what you pay for. That comment is not actually directed towards SubText (well, mostly) but towards customer service at hosting providers.  I will probably detail that part later, for obvious reasons. Haack and crew put together a set of instructions and developed a tool to help upgrade to the newest version.  I was pleasantly surprised, well, hell, stunned, that it seemed to upgrade my local test flawlessly.  I was upgrading from 1.9.ancient to 2.5, and expected the local test to fail massively.  It didn’t (at least not massively).  So, I decided to upgrade my online version....

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Test post after upgrade

Testing posting from Live Writer.  Comments appear broken, but we’ll get to that.

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Upgrading SubText (I think)

For the longest time, I’ve been running an old version of SubText.  Really old.  Really, really old.  Ancient even.  Okay, maybe not that old, but it certainly isn’t current. Anyway, sometime in the near future (as in hopefully this week), I will attempt to upgrade it to either the new 2.5 release, or to an older (likely 2.4) version, and then upgrade to 2.5. As you might imagine, the chance that this will go smoothly is…unclear.  I have backed up everything, and I’m going to try it out locally, but we’ll see. Just in case this thing...

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CQRS Presentation, Chicago Alt.NET, 1/13/2010

This should help clear up the upcoming blog posts.  I hope.  Registration here. Update: video and slide deck here. Marketing blurb: Jdn presents "CQRS in roughly an hour or so" 6:00 pm Pizza and networking time 6:30 pm After his well-received presentation of Inversion of Control, Jdn is back to explain CQRS, a design principle that, when well understood and applied, can do great things for complex, multi-user applications. CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) is a design/pattern/architecture where the responsibilities of processing commands and queries are segregated into...

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Chicago ALT.NET September 2008 Meeting

Register here. Wednesday, September 10, 2008 from 06:00 PM - 08:30 PM (CT) Inversion of Control for the masses 6:00 pm Pizza and networking time 6:30 pm John Nuechterlein (a.k.a. jdn) puts Inversion of Control (IoC) containers under the spotlight. If you have been noticing the increasing buzz around this technology but never had a chance to see what it is and how it can be used, this is your chance to see: An overview of what IoC is, using StructureMap as the example...

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Isn't That Special - Posting comments here

So, I was trying to add a comment to Ayende's blog the other day, and discovered that you couldn't do it in Opera 9.51.  He's also using some version of Subtext, so I started testing mine out.  Sure enough, can't post a comment using Opera, but since there are only 7 of us using it, that's not a big problem.  The bigger problem is that you can't post comments using (some versions) of IE6.  It doesn't throw an exception like Opera does, but it basically never returns after pressing the magic button.  Only IE7 and Firefox work reliably. Since...

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Since they've won best hosting service for ASP.NET for 4 years running, I've finally uploaded this thing off of my home network to DiscountASP.NET.  The only bad thing about it is that I lose 4 years of log files, but what the hell. Theoretically, this is an indication that I will be blogging more and soon.  But there is a Pens game tonight, so probably not today.

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Ix-nay on Windows Server 2008

Turns out that the way I have my current public facing server configured, I can't upgrade to Windows Server 2008.  So, I'll be doing it internally first.  Which, if you think about it, is more logical. Then again, this tells me that I need to upgrade the public server, and maybe get that Windows Home Server unit.  Hmm.

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Upgrading to Windows Server 2008

Tip for you.  When upgrading a server, don't make any accommodation for it not working.  And do it after midnight after waking from a deep sleep. Anyway, when, I mean if the site isn't reachable (again), it will be related to this.  This reminds me I need to find a good .NET 3.5 host, so should move this boring sucker when I do that.  Note to self.

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Comments Re-enabled

With Captcha and moderation.  We'll see how this goes.

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Comments Temporarily Disabled

Some japanese porn site has been adding a whole bunch of nifty spam, so i have comments turned off until I can get better captcha love.

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