September 2005 Blog Posts
BizTalk: Backup Master Secret Syntax

ssoconfig -backupsecret mybackup.bak

from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Enterprise Single Sign-On

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.NET: GUID generation tool

Since I keep forgetting....


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.NET: AOP write-up

Aspect-Oriented Programming is one of the new buzz phrases, but it has at least the potential to be of significant worth.

A write-up of the concept of AOP, as well as a .NET implementation of it, can be found here:

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Windows Desktop Heap Tweak Guide

Do you have tons of RAM in your system, with a lot of it free, yet reach a limit where you can't open any more applications, or the toolbars and menus disappear?  Here's why and how to fix it:

I've wondered about this for years (as I typically have dozens of applications open), and now I know how to take care of the problem.

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SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Discovery Kit

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.NET Framework: CLR Resource Management Links

Detailed analysis of things like dispose() and finalize():

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How to Remote to a Console Session in Windows 2003

mstsc -v:servername /F -console

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Compiled Help File Won't Show Links

If you're trying to use a compiled help file (*.chm), and you can't see any of the actual text (only the index), right-click the chm file itself and select 'Properties.'  There could be a button labelled 'Unblock.'  Click this and you should be fine.

This occurs on XP, SP1 and SP2.

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.NET Windows Forms: Object Type cannot be converted to Target Type

If you get this message in the task list (even though normally you will be able to build without an error), double click on one of the errors to find the form that it is linked to (the task list normally will not tell you).  Exclude that project from the form.  Some or all of the messages will disappear from the task list.  When all of them are gone, re-include each of the forms to the project.

If that doesn't work, check to see if you have “copy local” set to true for any assemblies that are referenced, that are also in the GAC.  Unless you need to ensure this local copy for some reason (usually for deployment reasons), set this to false.

Note: you can still successfully build a project that has these 'errors' in the task list.

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T-SQL Debugger Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid character value for cast specification

When you get this error using the datetime data type, try using a date format like: 2005-09-20

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T-SQL: Return Random Rows

Select top 10 * from TableName
order by NewID()

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